First blog post

num1The first blog post- present from word press to encourage one to start writing. I’m leaving the title because I am going to talk about firsts.

Why talk about firsts? Well, why not? It’s a good way to break the ice.  So firsts… firsts, firsts…

Well, I know my first words were before I was two. The evidence is a home video of me talking quite fluently before my 2nd birthday. For the people who diagnosed me with Asperger’s, speaking early was one of the signs to clue that I did not have classic autism.

My first trip was days after I was born. I was moved from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada to Barbados because my dad was teaching there at the university. I have pictures with evidence, but can’t remember a thing I did. Just my luck- First visit to one of the Caribbean Islands and I can’t remember a damn thing about it!

My first steps were before the year too. Guess I had my mom and dad to thank for that! My first day at school was when I was 5, as I was born in December. Then my first birthday party was going to one when I was that age too. Unfortunately, my first heart break was in grade 2 as all my grade 1 friends up and vanished. That was no fun.

First time I moved was in the summer between grades 1 and 2. My parents split up during that summer, so my siblings and I moved with my mom. After the end of grade 2 I began a few years firsts to new schools. Had to make new friends, meet new teachers, encounter new expectations. Firsts can be hard at times.

different1In grade 3 it was my first time beginning to realize that there is something different about me. I wasn’t making friends as fast as my sister was, and I could not comprehend some of the things I did were certainly odd. And even with visiting the guidance counselor at school, I still could not understand how to make friends.

The first time I left PEI was half way through grade 6. My mom siblings, and I moved from PEI to Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Spent the rest of my pre-teen and teen years there for the most part. Was my first glimpse into how the government worked, and what life outside of the Maritimes was like. I can say in all honesty, I never really looked back. There is so much to do and offer in Ontario compared to Maritime Canada.

My first video game was Ranma 1/2 for the SNES.  My first video game was Pokemon Yellow I got it with a special Pikachu edition Gameboy Colour (GBC). Note this was the first video game I ever actually owned. The first Star Wars movie I saw was the Phantom Menance in 1998. Thankfully we skipped right over to Episode IV shortly after, so the prequels were not my first dip into Star Wars! Though I like the concept of the prequels: Republic being overthrown by a conspiracy, and of course I had many reasons to like Darth Vader. Had no clue Darth Vader and I would grow to have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in common, but I digress.


First time I experienced depression was in grade 8. That was not a fun year. I did get diagnosed with a mental disorder for the first time that year, though. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which they called a nonverbal learning disability. I can learn words and sentences, but I could not understand body language, nor how things were said.

First time I went to university was in Ottawa- I spent my first year at Carleton University. Then I moved the next year to Emmanuel Bible College, my first year of Christian education. During those years, it was the beginning of the end of my time as a conservative person, and a conservative Christian. My first day at graduate school was at Acadia University. My second year Acadia University was the first year I “came out” and admitted I liked watching yaoi and that I was in support of Gay Pride :).

The next year was the first year I came out as an asexual. It was very freeing to know my own orientation. And this year is my first year being officially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

That is all I can think of in terms of firsts. Do you have any firsts that stand out for you?

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