Post-Elbow Letter

Dear Opposition Members of Parliament:

As a person old enough to vote, I feel the need to compose this letter in the wake of the “Elbowgate Scandal”. In truth, I cannot believe I even need to compose this letter but if it means I see improvement on Monday from what happened on Friday then so be it. I hope you take into consideration the words of one of the people who votes here in Canada.

In case you got amnesia, I am talking about the way the opposition members conducted themselves on Thursday. Or was it Friday? I cannot really remember, that’s how unimportant this whol situation is and I wish the Members of Parliament, and the Members of the Media, would figure it out.

What happened apparently is the NDP members of the opposition were trying to block the Conservative Whip from getting to his seat so the vote could begin. This frustrated our Prime Minister, and I do not blame him for being frustrated as the House of Commons is a place of work not chit-chat, and left his seat to help get the Whip out of the crowd. In doing so in haste, he accidentally elbowed one of the NDP members.

What was clearly an accident was blown out of proportions: The NDP leader, who is on his way out as the NDP’s leader, verbally yelled at the Prime Minister like the PM was his employee, instead of the leader of Canada, and then the NDP who got elbowed joined in with another NDP to call the elbowing violence against women, and the no longer felt safe in the House of Commons.

I do not need to tell them what hypocrites they are for accusing an accident as violence against women after one of them exploded at the Prime Minister’s wife for asking for help in her newfound life as the wife of a leader of a country, which up until now she mostly had to do for free. I do not really need to tell you how embarassing the opposition members behaved, and how much credibility the NDP lost as a party as a result of this incident. Enough people online have said all of this.. No, my letter is a little bit simpler. On Monday, I humbly request the Members of Parliament do one thing and one thing only:


That is it! Get back to work. No more of the popularity contests, no more being sore losers over an election that was 8 months ago, and no more trying to discredit the Prime Minister over nothing. We elected the Liberals in October, 2015 to govern the country and for the Convservatives and NDP to be the opposition. Note this opposition was not elected to keep playing king of the hill, or to act like children.

According to the Government of Canada’s website, this is what the Opposition members of Parliament are supposed to do:

Opposition parties lead and focus on the representative and watchdog functions performed by Members of Parliament. They work to ensure that legislation is carefully considered, and that differing views on important initiatives are publicly expressed and defended.

The leader of the party gaining the second-largest number of seats in the House of Commons in an election generally becomes the Leader of the Official Opposition as long as he or she is an elected Member of the House. If this is not the case, a Member of the Official Opposition is designated as Leader of the party’s caucus in the House. In the event that in second place there are two parties holding the same number of seats, the Speaker of the House of Commons may be asked to designate one of the two as the Official Opposition. The Leader of the Official Opposition enjoys a number of privileges in recognition of the important role he or she plays in our parliamentary system. By law, he or she must be consulted before certain important decisions are made by the Government and before certain important appointments are made.

When government bills or motions are introduced, the Leader of the Official Opposition or another Member of the Official Opposition is usually recognized in debate immediately after the Minister who speaks first on behalf of the Government. Time to debate bills and motions is distributed in proportion to the number of Members each party has in the House of Commons.

Reports from parliamentary committees may include supplementary or “dissenting” opinions or recommendations from committee members. A Member of the Official Opposition may provide a brief overview of these supplementary comments, following the presentation of the committee’s report in the House of Commons.

The role of the Opposition in our parliamentary system reflects the premise that a delicate balance must be maintained between permitting elected governments to govern and legislate effectively, and ensuring that power is exercised with care and with respect for minorities and for dissenting views.

See? That is your job and what Canadians elected you to do, and that is what I’m expecting you to do on Monday. This weekend better be the end of your grudge over the last election, and the beginning of you actually doing your jobs. Jobs, by the way, which you are lucky do not include a means for Canadians to fire you from when you fail to do it. After 6 months in any other job, you would be unemployed.

In closing, I’ll repeat this again: GROW UP AND DO YOUR JOBS!!! We neither elected you to get into fights with the Prime Minister, attack his wife and mother, nor blow an accident out of proportion. You’re not the opposition to oppose the government simply because they beat you in an election, and you’re not there to blatantly insult women and men who actually do face domestic abuse on a daily basis! Furthermore, we did not elect you to demean and attack every last legislation simply because the Liberal Party defeated you in the last election.


One of Canada’s Voters

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