What I do when I don’t want to do anything

depression_08Part of having a condition like BPD is that you often have depressive episodes. Sometimes the episodes make me slow and sluggish, make me not want to get out of bed in the morning if at all, and other times it makes me very sad.

Today I’m going to talk about the second one. The second one is often a common symptom of depression: The person could just stay in bed until the sunsets and three moon rises without batting an eyelash.  Yet, doing just that can be the worst thing because it feeds into depression instead of rising above it.

What can be done? Some say fight it, others say give in, and I say compromise between the two.  Instead of fighting, or giving in, strike a balance between the two. Here are some ways I accomplish this:

1. Stay in bed AFTER I change the sheets and put on clean pyjamas.

If I really want to stay in bed all day, the least I can do for my body is ensure the bed is clean. So I get up and change the sheets. I put the old ones in the wash, put fresh ones on. I do the same to my pyjamas.

Then I can say i accomplished something today, even if it is simply I did some laundry.

2. Have things by my bed I can do without leaving it.

I keep my tablet near my bed so I can check my email, read, and even apply for jobs. I slap keep my Nintendo 3DS and games by my bed so that I do not stay asleep while in bed. Instead I relation awake and get somethings done.

3. Get Up and Go sit in a comfy chair with a book

Everyone has a comfy chair! Sometimes i get up out of bed and go to the next best thing with a book. This can be any book: colouring book with my pencil crayons, latest novel or comic I purchased, or even over of my favourite school textbooks.

cartoon12114. Same as number 3, but outside if it’s a nice day

On other nice days it’s good to go outside. On cloudy days, go a step further and put on comfy clothes and head to the library to read or colour.

5. Celebrate the small accomplishments

This is key to #s 1-4: Celebrate on the fact you accomplished something today and not focus on the fact that you wanted to stay in bed. That only helps feed the depression. The key is to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments! Every time you point out a positive is one less hold depression has on you. Even if it is something as small as you looked outside and noticed the sun is shining.

For example, did you get out of bed to eat? That’s awesome! Did you change into a different set of pyjamas? Double awesome. Did you clean the sheets? Did you get up and get a glass of water? Did you wash your face before going back to bed? Those simple self care rituals that seem so common are enough for a celebration.

In summary: Get up and do something, even if it is as simple as self care; celebrate the small victories; and most importantly do not focus on the part where you did not get up and be active today!  With these simple steps, depression is not the true victor and the day will be proven to not be a total loss.

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