Vlog 1: Suicide Ideation


This video blog is about suicide ideation in general, and my battle with it specifically. As a person with BPD, I often have suicidal thoughts that can come at a moments’ notice. This vlog is both for people who are not familiar with suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and those who are too familiar with them. I hope this video gives information, as well as hope, without any judgement.

The pictures in the slideshows are taken from the internet. The artists who made the Gyarados, Darth Vader, and Crimsen art are listed below:

Gyarados art: http://vadess40.deviantart.com/favourites/48404483/Pokemon
Darth Vader Art: http://vadess40.deviantart.com/favourites/44726734/Darth-Vader

Note Star Wars related material, and Pokémon related material all are property of Nintendo, Lucasfilm, Disney, EA and Bioware.

P. S. NO I don’t really sound like a robot. I just used a voice changer.

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