Welcome ChaoticGoth1431!

Well, it has happened- I have branched out into the dark corners of the internet to request more contributors. And chaoticgoth1431 answered the call! He has agreed to be my partner in crime in terms of writing some of the internet’s most outrageous things, and help me write a story! What about, you ask? Cannot say until  we get further into it.

Now I suppose I should tell you a little about chaoticgoth1431. Well, he lives all the way out in sunny California, while I live in cold Canada (yes, I’ve been green with envy since). Like me, he enjoys yaoi and talking about things mental health. He raises the flag for all LGBT people, including asexuals, and joins me in epic adventures in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

swtor 2016-05-19 03-04-36-52

Vadess40 and ChaoticGoth hanging out in SWTOR. Warning: We have a thing for pureblood men, and we will not apologise for it.

Let’s see what else… He and I like technology, we both like to cook, we love video games, RPing and other forms of writing, AND we hang out on deviantart. We also are academics: I’m a theology major, and he’s an anthropology major. Yes, our discussions can include in-depth analysis and long words. Whether our blog discussions will be the same is another matter entirely.

Though we could have an interesting discussion on how culture shapes theology, or is vice versa…

Oh yes! Introductions. *clears throat*.

Well, don’t know what there is to say besides ChaoticGoth is awesome, and thank you for joining me in this blogging adventure! Beyond the featured image includes our SWTOR characters too. Nope, I will not saying who is who. Feel free to guess in the comments though. 😀

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