Celebrating Pride: Where Religion and Queerness Meet

Always good to read I am not the only human of faith who supports the LGBTQIAA community, instead of looking for any means to denounce it. It is even better where the LGBTQIAA community not only becomes a place to celebrate diversity, but a place where interfaith dialogue can happen. This is why I am posting a link to Celebrating Pride: Where Religion and Queerness Meet, as well as showing a quote from the article:

I will be frank: I do not know how to live in the wake of this nightmare. I do not think I will ever feel normal again. As the poet Anne Carson puts it, “I felt as though the sky was torn off my life. I had no home in goodness anymore.” I stood on the steps of our police-protected vigil with my candle, afraid a hate-filled bullet would pierce the back of my skull. And if I, a white person, feel this afraid, then I cannot even begin to imagine what queer people of color, including queer Muslims, are feeling. I have included several of their stories in the list below. They need to be heard, loud and clear and often.

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