Update to Trade Secrets: Take of Two Customer Service Experiences

service19Thought I would give my readers an update on what has been happening with Trade Secrets. In short, the Social Media representative was supposed to get back to me on Monday about how their meeting with the higher ups went. Instead I contacted them by direct message on Twitter on Friday afternoon. It is now Sunday, and still no getting in touch. I’m still out $80 with a brush I cannot use.

Disappointment is an understatement for how I feel about the company right now, and cannot express in enough words how much I cannot recommend anyone but beauty products from them! Maybe they aren’t sure stay it really means to have customer service? Perhaps I should give them an example?

McDonald’s isn’t my favourite restaurant but when I’m out and need something quick to eat I often go to them. One day I went and decided to try out my second helping of their “build your own burger” campaign. For those unfamiliar: the “create your own burger” (CYT) is how McDonald’s competes with the more high end fast food places, like Five Guys. You build your own burger with various toppings from a self serve kiosk,  then they make it for you, and then bring it to where you are seating. It takes a little longer, but if you want something different from McDonald’s usual menu, it’s a delicious choice.

The day I went the food was good. Though I noticed some oversights: They didn’t bring me my drink, which is part of their new CYT promotion, and the restaurant tables could have been cleaner. So I filled out there customer survey and let the restaurant know those should be looked at. After all if you don’t tell them, they don’t know. I gave permission for the restaurant to contact me and away I went.


Guess what occurred? Well the next day the manager, Natasha, emailed me, thanked me for giving the feedback, and offered a FREE CYT meal on my next visit! No waiting over a month, no arguments, no miscommunication. Just thanks for the feedback, and we will look to improve. Further more they gave me a free meal!

The reason I’m emphasizing the free meal is that they did not have to give it to me. I’ve filled out less than stellar surveys for McDonald’s I’ve been to before. Some say thanks for the feedback, while others ignore it all together. This restaurant could have done the former and then moved on with their lives as a business that serves customers fast foo. Furthermore, my criticisms were minor! I was only pointing out my server should have gotten my drink for me, and the tables should have been wiped down. Minor fixes, and the manager who got in contact with me went above and beyond what she had to do!

Top it all off, when I went to get my free meal today, because it’s really hot out and I didn’t want to cook, the improvements were there: Clean tables, they brought me my drink, and the burger was delicious! Furthermore, the kind gentleman who took care of my order stated, “Oh yes, vadess40, we’ve heard about you.” Since my name is not common, I was expecting it to be mispronounced. Instead he got it right and stated they knew about me and that I will be coming in soon to get a free meal! That is a far cry from Trade Secrets where the stores, higher ups, and social media representatives clearly had a communication problem. Re-phrase, they still have a communication problem, otherwise I would have no grounds to write this update.

cartooncustomerservicegetlostDo you see the difference between McDonald’s and you, Trade Secrets? A minor complaint and they go above and beyond what they were required to, unlike a company where they do not really seem to care if I am out $80 on their watch. At McDonald’s, I felt validated and valued as a customer. At Trade Secrets, I am quite under the impression that they neither give a shit that they still have my $80, nor that they will never see me again. Why do I get the feeling the McDonald’s would have settled things by now if I had spent $80 on buying for a lot of people, and was not satisfied? Maybe Trade Secrets should take notes from McDonald’s on how to show they value all of their customers, and not just the happy ones?

I am not going to hold out hope. What I am going to do is thank McDonald’s for a wonderful meal, and assure them I will be back. After all, they showed that I am a valuable customer so why should they never see me again?


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