I hate you

“Cipher 8, I will ask you once again: Are you positive Watcher Sparrow had no place in your dealings aboard Darth Jadus’ ship?’

Cipher 8 nods, standing at attention. “Yes, Darth Caedusios. I am the one who used the codes to trick Jadus; Watcher Sparrow did not know what was happening.”

“I see. How unfortunate for you then: Slapping Darth Zhorrid, standing up to and overthrowing a Dark Council member! Crimsèn, do you not understand how serious this situation is?”

Crimsèn bows and states, “I understand too well, brolin. That is why I have taken full responsibility.”

“Indeed. And that is why I have no choice, Crimsèn but to ensure you never prove to be high risk again.”

Crimsèn asks in a whisper, “Is that why you drugged me …?”

Darth Caedusios stands and looks out the window. “Yes. And also undid what Darth Karmic did to remove your…”

Crimsèn widens his eyes. “No… No, no, no, no… Caed-Caedusios, brolin, you didn’t?”

Caedusios turns around and looks at Crimsèn with a blank expression, though Crimsèn can feel the guilt. “You did… You did! Why?”

“Because the alternative is both my death warrant and yours. I… I had no choice, brolin.”

“No choice? Jadus was mounting an assault on the Empire! We had no choice but to stop him. Would you have preferred I just let him do what he wanted to do?”

“Of course not, Crimsèn! But you still openly defied a Dark Council member! And slapped Darth Zhorrid… Who’s next? Am I next?!”

“So you put an invisible shock collar back on me?”

Crimsèn pulls out his rifle in anger, “How could you, Caedusios?!”

Caedusios jumps up and shouts, “KEY WORD: LAISVAS!! CIPHER 8, stand down!”

Crimsèn feels it, his programming taking over. It shuts out his mind and his Force use. Though it is different: He can still use the Force, and still sense Caedusios. However, he cannot speak nor attack. He cannot even move! He just stands at attention: “Command received, and obeyed.”

Darth Caedusios widens his eyes at the gray, empty, lifeless eyes staring back at him. He used the same word that Tik’shasôt used silence his brother? The Darth who has spoken out against slavery? All in the same of salvation from death? Caedusios gazes down, for it was too late to undo what he has done.

He sighs and continues: “Excellent. Now, you will not speak of your programming directly with anyone. Not even Izkiel. He will learn of it soon enough. Understood?”

“Understood, my Lord,” Crimsèn states in his monotone, boring Cipher 8 voice. No life, no Force, no Crimsèn. Just obedience, like a slave. His own brother, the man who saved him from Tik’shasôt and wanted him to be free of brainwashing put the slave collar back on? A man who is against slavery?

Caedusios walks over to Crimsèn and places a hand on his cheek. He then steps back and says, “Keyword: Laivas. You can talk as you, Crimsèn but I forbid you from doing anything but speak and then leave my office. Move from Korriban to Nar Shaddaa. Don’t come back until Lord Hevilas is dead. Understood?”

Crimsèn does only one thing. He looks Caedusios straight in the eye, with eyes a dark crimson red. “I hate you!”

He then walks out and does not look back. Why bother? There is not anything on Korriban for him now.

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