Quote: He is Someone of Immense Value

B at church

Who would apologise for someone with such a smile, and cuteness?!

Quote from the blog Reflections from Holland in which writer, a mother of two children, writes a letter to another mom she had a conversation with. A conversation that ended abruptly after he disclosed her oldest son has down syndrome because the other mom kept saying “I’m sorry,” about a son who did not need apologising for. This is why, from her own words:


I could have told you that our journey may look different than some (then again, who’s life journey ever looks the same), and that it carries its own unique beauty. I would not be the person I am today if I had not had the privilege of walking this road.

I could have told you so much…

…and hopefully your discomfort would have dissolved, and you would have been able to see that my son is not something to apologize for…he is someone of immense value–a good gift I will always treasure!

So, today, as I remember our short encounter, I bless you, and I pray that you will have opportunities in the future to truly see and know the person behind the disability. I promise you that your life will be enriched!

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