SWTOR Fanfic: Reflections of Cipher 8 For New Recruits 1

swtor 2016-06-12 14-23-05-63One of the hardest things about being a field agent, or a Cipher, is being alone in spite of being with so many people. True, within Intelligence agents have their Watchers, handlers, Keeper, and even the people in the immediate surroundings of their mission. Yet, those people are there to do their job or for you to diligently do yours. No one truly is with you, and that can lead to lonely assignments.

This is why I cannot stress enough to agents to gather an inner circle of people you can trust. Even if you are just able to acquire one trusted companion, it will tip the balance between a successful career and a career that drives you to insanity. These companions can be simply colleagues that genuinely say hi to you on occasion, or they can be a life mate. What role they play in life is of no consequence so long as you can state they fulfill at least one of these things:

1. They are trustworthy: And I do not mean they are trustworthy in the sense they can be told anything. No, in our line of work that kind of trust is impossible. I mean the kind of trust where the person knows when to keep asking questions, and when to stop asking them. Our work is questioned enough, you do not need a companion who asks questions incessantly. Instead perhaps a companion who will simply do as asked anyway, regardless if you can’t or won’t give them all the answers.

2. They’re watching out for more than just your back: The back is not the only place an agent is vulnerable. Since we are not Force sensitive, we cannot read the minds of people we are interacting with. This means someone who we think and assume is under our thumb could secretly know the game already. Sometimes the companion needs to be the one who’s truly watching our back, front, up close, and even far a way.

3. The know who you really are. Being an agent  means being the Empire’s janitors, administrative assistants, and hitmen all at the same time. Our work requires us to take on disguises, lie through our teeth, and even change our appearance so drastically. If you can find a companion who can remind you of who lives behind the disguise, and even rip it off you during the most private of moments, then keep them! Believe me when I say there will be times when you need to take off the disguise, and be your person. It could be the difference between an okay mission, and a successful one.




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