Trade Secret #2: No Communication

bad-customer-service-cartoonOh Trade Secrets was so close to redeeming themselves. So close to getting rid of me, or at least getting a better blog post about them. So close to me considering buying from them again, as they clearly did try to make amends.

I was so close to getting my money back, too.

BUT being so close is not good enough in their case as actions speak louder than words, and I am still $80 in the red. What do their actions say in a nutshell? FK you, get the Fk outta here!

Naturally, I have to let you all know what happened in the end to ensure you guys avoid Trade Secrets like they’re the plague hiding among beauty and salon products! Actually, I would say they’re more like glass– Poke the customer service team and they just break into tiny pieces, and you get cut trying to clean up the mess!

For those just joining my blog, I will give a brief summary of what has been going on, and here is a link to my first and second blog post about this.: I bought an $80 dual voltage product back in June, which I assumed was a blow dryer with a brush attached to it. Turns out it wasn’t what I was looking for, which the sales person at the cash didn’t alert me to when I went up to and asked about it. Then I went to a different store to return it when I realized my mistake, and they informed me of their 0 refunds policy. Red flags #1 and #2 for sure. I turn to Twitter to vent my frustrations, and it began a month long back and forth between their Twitter correspondence by DM. The longer time went on, the more I became convinced the Twitter team and store teams have a grudge against each other, or the Twitter person is trying to troll me.

Too bad for them, they are trolling a blogger, eh? I can and have played that game. And I will do so again, this time with their exact words. So the date is now July 7, 2016. On June 13, 2016 their Twitter correspondent sent me this DM:

Trade Secrets: I just called the store for you just to inquire if it was or wasn’t, unfortunately it doesn’t come dual voltage. I’m not sure if there are many hot air brushes out there that are. Considering you travel a lot, I heard about buying those plugs for the wall where you can use ANY tools blow dryers etc. almost like a “power cord” or something. This was a hearsay, but I don’t travel much to really know if it exists or not. But worth a shot no? But unfortunately there isn’t one on hand that we can exchange for to be what you’re looking for. I will look into what we can do, because i understand this isn’t what you were interested in, and it is a no refund policy. So I will speak to the higher ups on this one and call the franchisee myself to speak to them to see what can be done.

Me:  You can’t count on the converters which is why I wanted a dual voltage. Thank you for your help with this. I hope the higher ups will give me my money back and rethink your no refund policy.

Then their twitter staff replied 3 days later:

Hi [vadess40, Our higher ups had left the afternoon we spoke. But I do have a meeting scheduled today with them. Once I get word about everything I will let you know before end of day today! Hope you had a great weekend

Between June 13 and June 29, I send these direct messages:

June 13: Hello, Thank you for the today’s [update]. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

June 18: But you didn’t…

June 18: It’s now Saturday and still no reply. But while I appreciate you looking into this and helping to bring about a resolution, I am starting to get the impression you’re just [hoping] you never hear from me again.

June 29: So it’s been over two weeks, and still nothing about what the higher ups said, never mind an acknowledgement you got my last DMs? Not best customer service. At all.

FINALLY I get a reply from them the next day:

[vadess40], I understand it’s been a while. We had to review and backtrack what had transpired and speak to the store owners. They have come to the conclusion that since we do not carry what you were looking for, you can return it at our Colossus location in Vaughan at 30 Famous Ave. for your money back. Please bring your product and receipt I will call them and inform them that you will be heading there for a refund. Enjoy the long weekend!

Me:  Well thank you for getting back to me at last. I will probably go to the store today or Monday. Again, thank you.

Flag this message Delete this message

Did I get everything there? I think I did. Will I ever see my $80 again?


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