Trade Secrets #3: Twitter Promises

DM 1 in Response to the Phone call conversation:

Hi Andrena, The stores actually aren’t linked to the Twitter account. I’m also not at the office with my list of DM’s so I’m not familiar who the district manager is for that location unfortunately. I apologize for that. I have called them and spoken to the manager. I wanted to know what the mode of payment it was on your receipt. Cash, credit or debit?

My Reply: Debit

DM 2:  Ok, let me call the store back and talk to them about debit. Since we don’t offer refunds, I’m not familiar on their policy with the debit machine. But I am giving you a refund, no question. Just need to work a few issues out. Let me look into this quickly and inform you in about 5 minutes or less. Do you know how much the appliance was in total? With tax?

My Reply: Ok. I’m trusting you on this. Let me go find the receipt.

DM 3:  Ok, once I find out the total, I need to make sure they might have to do cash and to make sure there’s enough. And you don’t want a credit I’m assuming? I understand if you don’t considering, but just seeing if that could possibly be an option.

Well, must give credit where credit is due: The fact the Twitter person replied almost right away and is in theory calling the store says to me they actually give a shit about me remaining a customer. HOWEVER given this has gone on much longer than it should have, and logically would have under a half decent company, my willingness to remain a customer is at an end. Therefore, I simply replied:  “I appreciate the offer, as you have been great, but at this point I really would prefer to just get my money back and move on.”

The correspondence’s answer: I understand. Ok, I will give them a call and see what is possible. I’ll be back in a moment.

See what is possible?!!!!! What happened to them saying I will get my money back? I have so many choice words I could insert into this blog post, but I won’t because I want to pretend I want to remain civil. At least. Needless to say, I’m sure these blog posts are all signs to all of you to not deal with these guys if you want to get salon and other beauty products.
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