I’m NOT Sorry

very_sorry_1720815I need to STOP saying sorry when I haven’t done anything wrong. I shouldn’t have to apologize for living my life, and being a human who makes mistakes. Never mind always apologizing for having BPD and autism. I didn’t decide to have any of those conditions, why apologize for it???’

To all my readers: STOP apologizing if you haven’t done something wrong. Don’t apologize for being busy, don’t apologize for not knowing something, and don’t apologize because of have an illness or a mental condition, etc. Don’t apologize for living life and being who you are. Those aren’t things one apologizes for, and you shouldn’t give someone the satisfaction that they are in a superior position because they don’t busyness, a cold or bi-polar, or they have a question that you don’t know.

Those are not things one apologizes for, so why should I give it?

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