SWTOR Short: A Rotting Corpse

WARNING: Contains mature content! Click “Read More” to continue…

A rotting corpse… is all the former Cipher Eight could think when he walked into the medical wing.

There was his target, hung out to dry by the Hutts for an unknown reason. Alright, there is a reason: Grave injuries in a huttball match that left him barely alive. In truth, many assumed he was dead. He was supposed to be dead: This person was supposed to be dead because Keeper sought his demise decades ago. Now here he lays alive, but barely.

While the operative knew he posed no threat, he did still pose a threat. If he was discovered to be alive, the Empress would find a way to ensure his death. Or the Hutts would ensure such a death. Either way, it would be a painful outcome. A pour ending for someone who used to be a hero, one of Intelligence’s finest Ciphers.

Or was it a Watcher? The ex-Cipher could not remember. Then again, he did not need to remember. The man was no more than a rotting corpse waiting to live, waiting to die… But he would wait no longer.

That is why the operative approaches where the IV is while his stealth field is activated. He waves a hand lightly, and the room is engulfed in darkness. He un-stealths, and uses his new forcebound gift to enhance his sight. He glances down at the man, who did not notice he had a visitor. Knowing a visitor was futile, for a corpse gets no visitors.

He was supposed to be a corpse. A corpse who used to know how to ensure enemies in battle fell to lethal toxins. Unfortunate he cannot fall in battle today like he made so many others. Unfortunate he could not have died in the huttball match, still a soldier. But now is not time for emotions, or wishing what things could have been. Now is the time to cautiously switch the kolto for a vial of another substance.

The operative uses their stealth generator, and leaves the room with the lights on.

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