Breaching the Web: Hunting a Sith Lord Part 1

My father has placed a bounty on me. Not to kill but to drag me back to where he is hiding. He is not using Imperial channels, but the Hutt Cartel and Mandalorian Mercenaries. He is brave: The Empire’s price on his head is higher in certain sectors. I wonder how he has not found himself dead yet.

I was able to learn this by tapping into bounty boards under the Mandalorian guise Va’io of clan Katlase. Given this is my old guise from my time as Cipher Eight, I was surprised it still worked. The person who posted the bounty was Ssra Asmen. The fact the bounty was for me to be brought to a rather remote location alive, and imperial records revealing Ssra status as a red Sith gave away what the intentions are. Why do I have a feeling this was done on purpose? Whether through intel or mercenaries, they want to find me. Little do they know I can hide in plain sight, and am no longer the fifteen year-old juggernaut-in-training father remembers.

This is why I followed Asmen to Slippery Slopes’ Cantina. I love this cantina—it’s where I met some of my longtime friends. Friends I have not heard from since after the war with Zakuul, and its many aftermath conflicts. Today, of course, I was not here to greet a friend but have a small chat.

I can see him sitting across the ways from where I am sitting on a couch. Clearly, he has not noticed me yet. Then again why would he? He’s expecting a pureblood with dark red skin, minor face tendrils, silver jewelry, and silver eyes. I come with lighter red skin, hair dyed more of a red, and meditation on the darkside turned my eyes a dark red. He doesn’t notice me but I notice him and can hear what he is saying: My scanner being able to tap into the right security cameras and microphones aided greatly in such a time. He’s silent for now, though, and seems to be reading a datapad. I wonder what it is for…

Of course, before I can walk up a patron sits next to me on the adjacent couch. She glances at me with bright purple hair, and a revealing top. She winks at me, and I simply nod with a smile back. I can see her eye my physical form, and I have to suppress and eye roll and feign interest. My father’s assistant is expecting a gay man as well as my former appearance. I have to pretend to be neither.

“So what are you lurking around the cantina for?”

She cuts into my thoughts and I sip my drink before responding. “Waiting on something or someone. You?”
“Someone or something, huh?” She gestures her hand around the room, “Ohh, taking in all the pretty flashing lights of course,” and smirks at me.

I fill in the blanks: Aka taking in the sight of a tall, muscular, attractive looking pureblood. Poor girl, she picks the homosexual many to try and flirt with. Poor homosexual man: He has to slink back to the closet for a moment. I try to keep the conversation clean-ish: “You picked a good moon to take those sights in. Do you often come to the Smuggler’s Moon, and the Slopes?”

She nods at me and stretches out on the couch. “Quite a bit really, mostly for business… but sometimes for pleasure…”

Her “best bits” on display for me, and nothing moves within my mind or groin. I really need to end my personal running gag of what it will take to “cure” me. “I live here actually,” not a lie as my base of operations is here, “Though I usually got to bars that are more my taste. Today I had an itch to drop by and see if the Slopes have changed over the years. It hasn’t.”

I can feel her look me over: Woman’s wandering eyes and my orientation is still in tact! Thankfully, my ears are as well as I see father’s personal aid talk on a commlink. He says, “What do you mean he left Nar Shaddaa?”
“I am telling you man, the kid left on his Phantom Ship yesterday. I have yet to see him come back.”

The woman next to me keeps talking: “Living here would get me into more trouble than I already find as it is!” I smile to a smirking female who is looking me over more. “You must either have a nice stack of credits or incredible self control!”

I have to bite back a laugh: Self-control is easy when attraction is absent. I hear the agent in my hear vent his own frustrations: “This is what happens when I send aliens to do red sith work. You all are useless!”

“Can you sense shit, or not? Obviously you’re just as useless, or you wouldn’t put out a bounty. Now you told me to track him, I tracked him. Send the credits, or I’ll send your boss back your head!”

“More like the former,” I answer the woman. “And some of the latter. Now if I went to say the Blue Alderaanian Bar, that would be another story.”

“You have no leads to him,” I hear in my ear, “You do not get any money!”

“What makes that place any different,” I hear in my other ear.

I look around and then lean over to speak with a lower voice: “Well… I hope I do not reveal too much about certain people. But at that bar I can more freely look at the men. If you get my drift.”

I watch over Ssra Asmen through the corner of my eye, and through the Force. He is a bit of a handsome pureblood. Skin my old dark red colour, eyes a deep orange, and his hair is black with some spike picked out of it. His tendrils match those of more Massassi and Kissai lineage. Too bad he is out to kill me… At least I think he is… Though the conversation with this bounty hunter has turned quite strange.

“Did you at least find the information we needed for his finances?”

“Ex-Ciphers are willing to accept your money to do it yes. Not to mention the secret hearing to ensure he would have no choice but to pay. What a dishonourable man, not supporting his family.”

Family? Sath’ka, Izkiel, and the twins are my family. And I support them the best I can.

Ssra’s reply makes me almost jump out of the couch: “They’re children made from his two sperm donations. He’ll realize his responsibilities soon enough.”

I turn around to the woman next time, shifting uncomfortably and finish my drink. What did she ask me? Not ask, more like she noted how weird it is being in a cantina where no one is passed out.

I allow a forced grin, and answer, “You can say that again. Not to mention some of the people dancing have real clothing on. A rare thing on Nar Shaddaa.”

She chuckles; “Amazing ot think of Nar Shaddaa being a step up in the galaxy heh.” She shrugs and looks around, “Plenty of worse places out there though.”

I turn and excuse myself. I need to hear this news with my own ears. I walk up to hear him muttering as he sets down the commlink: “…Nesvanis uzsien… galeji dary kasidz status! «Filthy aliens… cannot do anything right!»”
I speak in a rough accent, pulling my Force presence into myself tightly: “Who can’t do anything right? Need someone ousted?”

He looks up and smiles. “Not exactly, but I do need someone who is good at tracking.”

“I can be good at tracking, for the right price.”

“The price is 10million credits for the apprehension of Crimsên Hevilas. His needed alive.”

“How come? Did he blow a Sith away or something?”

“No. He shirked his fatherly duties and is partner demands he pay up.”

“Daddy deserters! The worst kind… Will never understand why one would…”

“Especially one of our own. Cannot expect a woman to handle raising a child properly.”

“Curious-Does he know about these children? How old are they? Can rub it in on the way…”

“His oldest his 17, middle child is 13, and the youngest is 11,” Ssra’s lists them off but without name.

How could two sperm samples result in three children? Eugenics of the Empire clearly know no bounds. He hands me a datapad and I read over the information. “Well,” I state roughly, “I will hunt this rogue father and ensure he comes to face his own offspring one way or another.”

Ssra nod. “Good, dismiss- Wait, I should get your contact information.”

I shake my head. “You will not hear from me until I find the offspring. Don’t worry, I can find people.”
I then bow and head for the exit. From my ear piece, I can hear him give his partner in tracking good news: “Herojus, we finally found one of our own to do the work. We shall have no need for those nesvanis uzsien again!”
A woman’s voice comes on: “Excellent, Asmen. I have good news as well: 10000 credits have been moved from Hevilas’ account to Pagiezalex Doeseke’s account.”

I have had children with one of my cousins. I will not go into my emotional reactions to the revelation after returning to my fortress on Nar Shaddaa, but needless to say it made me quite ill. Thankfully, I now know some of what father is up to and more about my contact. I will add this to my report before I send it to the commander.

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