Hunting a Rogue Sith Lord Part 2

Of course I was going to send the report right away. However, I could not resist following when I saw Asmen leave the cantina shortly after I did. He was walking casually through the sea of people, too casually. He does not notice I am watching from up top. I plan to keep it that way.

I follow him from the ridges and from behind. He does not turn around, nor move fast. I attempt to reach out with my senses with a focused goal: Does he seem calm, or guarded? In Asmen’s case it is both/and from what I can see. Yet he does appear to act as if he is being followed. He seems more on guard about…

No. If I reach in too far, he could be alerted to my presence. I pull back into myself, and bury my darkness under the code that is intelligence: Discipline, focus, and precision. Thankfully, the Force can understand when it needs to be hidden on occasion. Asmen’s demeanour does not change, and he continues to a taxi. The taxi is just next to alley I can jump down through with minimal sound.

“Taxi to these coordinates,” Asmen says while handing a small chip and credits to the taxi driver. The droid just waves him away, and he heads along.

Slowly I approach the taxi and hand him money for my own sky palace location. The droid makes the same hand motion, and I get on my speeder. I keep at the right speed and distance, with eyes on Asmen. Where are they hiding? Not near the Lower nor Upper Promenade. Instead he takes it to the Duros Sector and gets off.

I jump off and activate my stealth field. Since there are no places for me to climb up, I will have to follow quietly and pray he has no Force awareness, nor good ears. Thankfully it does not take long for us both to be lost in the crowds. I keep to the edge, while he stiffly remains in the middle.

Does he not know being surrounded by aliens doesn’t make him morph into an alien?

Obviously not since even the lightest of brushes makes him rub the spot vigorously. Another confirmation prejudices are foolish notions, and limiting ones.

I see him turn off an old road and head towards a building. I recognize it—one of old intelligence’s depots from the cold war. I can see it is in theory back up and running, however not by average Imperials: I see Red Sith in uniforms, some in traditional Sith garb, and more inside. I grin at this discovery, and frown at the realization it will be rather difficult to get in there.

Well not unless I borrow…

I sneak up behind one of the purebloods that leaves to go on patrol. My steps are cautious and quiet until he turns on a dark corner. Then I reach out to place a small chip on his neck. He only glances down briefly before I press a button and he is a shocked mess on the floor. Not dead, but will be unconscious for a while.

I drag him into the nearest hallway and remove his uniform, and ID tags. Sergeant Dtalmia Karis? Thanks for the uniform and information, and the gun. I have two guns now? How to explain that…

Oh yes, stealth generator! A quick button and I disappear. I gather the force to focus on disappearing—a technique Darth Caedusios taught me over a year ago. I blend in further and the guards do not even notice when I sneak in.
I continue looking around and see that Asmen is in one of the rooms with a female pureblood. I see other purebloods are working at the computers where they are and their uniforms resemble mine. So relax my grip on the darkness, and head in un-stealthed. They do not even notice when I get up to a computer that is unoccupied. Glancing around as I entered gave me ability to tap into it with my eye scanner.

“Welcome back, Asmen. Good news, we do not have to talk to Lord Hevilas for 30minutes. He said he had teenager troubles to deal with.”

“Noe Valzino again? He is always looking to cause trouble…”

“When he goes to Korriban, he will channel his anger and restless activity into becoming a fierce juggernaut. If anything, he will take his father’s place.”

I gulp. He will take my place? At what? Becoming the Juggernaut father wanted? Or to replace me as an agent? I hope not—Clearly Asmen and this lady which sounds like the one he was talking to before leaving the cantina do not know much about being an agent. Talk about specifics behind closed doors!

They turn their backs so I cannot overhear. Perfect timing for me to go into these files. My eye scanner and hands make short work of getting into the mainframe. It seems this place is being fully funded by father- Where he received the funds is a mystery. However, I do see contracts with the Hutts for security forces, and ensuring Korriban refugees keep in line.

More like cull the aliens from the red purebloods to ensure the Empire is kept “pure”. I think father should re-evaluate what the definition of the word “pure” means. Not that I am clean, but I certainly do not believe purity has anything to do with whether aliens exist among the Sith or not.

I go into the mainframe further and find an image of my cousin. And three younger Sith purebloods. They look like mere children, and I can see they have some of my features. Including my eldest son… I am talking about my eldest son. How am I talking about my eldest son?! I am gay—I never had sex with a woman ever. Yet, here I am reading about my children and the DNA matches mine.

I have no time to react strongly. I can sense some restlessness, and more people coming hear me. Quickly I disconnect and head out down the hallway I came in. I can see there are more guards than usual, and one of them is… Wondering where is uniform is.

I turn down to a vacant hallway and manage to make it into a less populated area. More people are going in and out. I check a chronometer. Hmmm… 15min until they have a conversation with my father? I wonder if I could sneak around to listen from a hidden…

Ten minutes later I am not exactly hidden, but enough credits for the sith janitor to be an officer for the day bought me some time and innocence. Good thing he did not question why I kept my belt nor my weapon. Smart men know when to not ask questions.

With the disguise, I was able to walk into the room where they were having a conversation. I hold up my broom and other cleaning supplies to smiles. I start to work as I hear a voice I still get goosebumps from: “So did you hear from my wayward offspring?”

“No, My Lord. Only rumours he has left Nar Shaddaa on his Phantom Ship.” Asmen answers solemnly, “But I was able to find a few of our own to track him down. He will not remain hidden for long.”

“Yes he will, you idiots! Contrary to what he might think, I know he was in Intelligence. They teach one to hide, teach one to make themselves someone their not, and ensure no one finds their tracks! That is the nature of his work—It’s us and me who cannot remain hidden for long. So I ask once again, where is he?!”

The woman shrugs and shakes her head. “We do not know, my Lord. Our resources are a little thin right now—” I hear gasps and choking sounds from the two of them. I do not need to look up to know what he is doing to them. Of course, I will not step in—This is what they get for working for a traitor!

Eventually I hear gasps for air as I discreetly make my leave. And it is a long with an interesting tidbit: “Either you two find him within three days, or I will leave this melting piece of rock and ensure you are both made to suffer!”
A melting rock… That again narrows things down considerably. No time to focus on it, though. I take my leave and swiftly head out of the building. No guards stop me, as who cares about a janitor? Certainly not those lackeys father hired.

I get my clothes, and drop the ID tags. I head out towards the taxi, and head home. I then realise I should make tracks for a moment, and hop a ways to Yavin IV on a ship I borrowed form one of my lovers to arrive back to Nar Shaddaa. I have information to give out and people to discuss potential plans with.

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