Mythos of Alternate Realities Part One


Dear Crimmy,
My restaurant got robbed! They took over 3000 credits from the Shadow’s Rest. I need some security, and perhaps more staff. Do you think Caed will give me another loan?

The most important fact of being a man like me is things are never what they seem. For instance, this letter from my cousin clearly states he was robbed. My cousins runs a restaurant, and they get robbed. Naturally, that is what the thief would like for me to think: It was a simple robbery.

Yet things are never what they seem. First, why would someone rob a sky palace restaurant when there are so many easier places to access? Something my cousin would never consider, yet the question looms. Why a Sky Palace?

The majority of Sky Palaces are owned by the rich and famous. Everyone who is anyone owns one of these things. In spite of Sky Palaces having so many rooms and places of contact, they never get robbed because all of those places have at least a guard. And if they have no guard, they have means to find out who did it and ensure they die horribly.

Second, the person did not take the money. I found it dropped outside on the landing platform when I landed my ship. Who breaks into a restaurant and accidentally drops the money? The worst criminal ever, or someone who was looking for something more valuable than Galactic credits.

I of course do not inform my cousin. Even though I put the money back into his account, with a little extra, I let him assume it is a robbery. Let him presume that this is a standard robbery of a simple restaurant, and the money is nowhere to be found. Let him reinvest it into getting more staff, and security. They will come, and the thief’s real motives are safe and sound from the lives of civilians. Not so much from me.

Third, why would someone invade the palace after over half a decade of it being empty? Why would someone go through all the trouble, unless things are not what they seem? This is why I head down to where my cousin cannot go, and see what he cannot see. What is there?

“Well, well, well…” I say to myself, “Someone trying to hack into our computers?”

I chuckle. The computer spikes she used were from at least a decade or two ago. Or is it? Has it been modified? Yes, it has. Not modified enough to do as much damage as this invader would have hoped, but enough for it to leave a mark.

… and a message.

Jen’ari- Tu’iea xarnait buti ztanidijake ir stokodi. Kitas amzi Nu valia vykti vel us dusir.

Next time? Why did you not try to take more this time? And what makes you think a dark lord lives… Oh yes, that is right. I look like a Dark Lord, don’t I? Red skin, red eyes, jewelry of the old blood, and a giant palace to live in. Surely I must be a Dark Lord—a Dark Lord with a gun and lax servants.

I smile as I do a scan of the room for DNA. Naturally, I find some similar enough to mine and Agent Vaiacas’.

Reality is certainly far from a simple robbery? The latter one must keep on the surface, like the reality that a Dark Lord calls the shots around here.

The DNA is not on Hutt records, but it has the markings of the old blood? Who decided to come and rob, instead of asking politely for an audience with the Dark Lord? Well. Since they clearly could not be bothered to follow Sith protocols, I bet they swapped their culture for the culture of someone else’s. Should I do the same?

“I could play their game, couldn’t I?,” I say out loud as I continue to scan for different finger prints and other remnants of a foreign body in here, “I could decide to go ‘rob’ them and make them look like fools to their superiors. Could even rub it in by giving them back the money. But I won’t as they want to be found. Doesn’t mean I want them to find me.”

I head upstairs calmly, as if just walking and walking and walking away from the fire to my back. I am not phased at another part of my work paying a visit- Expect unorthodox visits. My cousin cannot know that.. The worried cousin who greets me.

His hands are still shakey,and his voice tremors when he speaks: “Crimmy, how can you be so calm!”

“Don’t worry, ventili, I am sure you will make the money back! First though, let’s hire a new security staff yes?”

Pergaleas widens his eyes. “But Crimmy, the numbers just will not work! I will barely be open only to shut my doors.”

I shake my head and place a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Nonsense! Caedusios and I have already made up the difference, Perry. Nar Shaddaa needs a place like this, and you are the man to run it.”

Pergaleas looks down and sniffs. “Well… if you say so, Crimmy.”

“I know so, Perry, and if you doubt then go ask Kahlaeus,” I answer with a smile, and comforting arm. And I do not mention that the restaurant is also a cover for what goes on in the basement of this place.

Last thing Pergaleas needs is more than one reality.

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