Report to Commander Grav

Commander Grav,

This is my full detailed report of my current assignment, and everything I have learned so far about Lord Hevilas’ whereabouts. I also provided a detailed report of his profile.

This information was gathered prior to my Oath Binding Ceremony, and assignment to the Shadow Web. Given the information I disclosed to our headquarters, it is only proper I forward all the information I have.

Nar Shaddaa has been my base of operations for the past month. Approximately two months ago Lord Hevilas, who is my biological father, sent me a message. We have been estranged for 20 years. After sending the message, he appeared on Korriban in attempts to incite the Academy to riot. It failed, and the traitors were executed. However, he escaped and is now officially wanted by the Empire and Darth Caedusios specifically.

Darth Caedusios and the rebuilt Hevilas fortress, which is about 200 klicks north of the old Academy, have declared finding him our top priority. I have been tasked with tracking down and apprehending the Rogue Lord Hevilas through any means necessary. I am tasked with kill on sight, or bring back alive. It does not matter which one occurs, so long as less of a mess is made, and the Empire has one less traitor in its midst.

What I have found over the last two months is that I have changed since I last saw him at fifteen but he has not. Lord Hevilas was one of the Sith under the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. Instead of ensuring the Empire’s history, he was tasked by the late Darth Thanaton for promoting Sith tradition and promoting Red Sith bloodlines over all others. How he only managed to produce once offspring on record, given his orders, still remains a mystery. DNA tests and scans using my old code names, both within the Republic and Empire, have revealed no off springs but several potential grandchildren. The origin and location of these grandchildren is Dromund Kaas and Korriban.

Request adding these new targets for information gathering: Pagiezalex Doeseke, mother of the grandchildren. She was the former Fixer 100, and went to work for Lord Hevilas full time after the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence. Not much more can be found about her beyond that information. I think her information has been erased, and I will not report a security breach. Last thing we need is for her to go further underground, or my father to emerge

Good news: He has been spotted on old places within the Sith Empire including the remains of Ziost, the Dark Temple, the tomb of Ajunta Pall. Spotting is not visual, but use of both DNA tracking from my efficiency scanner and reports with fellow military men. They, of course, did not suspect I could be his offspring since I adorned myself with traditional Sith garb and carried a lightsaber hilt (no crystal in it, but it served the disguise).

The final. One thing I can say about him is he is very set in his ways, and will pursue any course necessary to obtain them without compromising his sense of self, and his sense of the galaxy. Not only has he not been seen in any worlds that are teeming with aliens, recordings within the bounties he has placed on me within Hutt space, don’t worry I am safe staying there as I know how to hide and keep moving, state explicitly he flatly refuses to go to Nar Shaddaa or any other alien worlds to get them. Instead he sends Sith that still work for him, so far I have found two, to these worlds to keep in contact.

Two new contacts I wish to give to the Shadow Web: Volvamsake Herojus (Female, average build, and deep red skin), and Ssra Asmen (male, my heightbut not muscular build, long red hair, and more red-orange skin, bronze eyes).

Image of Lord Hevilas:

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