Pod Cast: Peace and Justice – A Celebration of Ursula Franklin

Peace and Justice – A Celebration of Ursula Franklin
Ideas from CBC Radio (Highlights)
Duration: 54:37
Published: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 04:00:00 GMT
URL: http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/ideas_20160725_55125.mp3

To commemorate the recent death, and to celebrate the remarkable life of Ursula Franklin, we turn to the IDEAS archives, and sample over forty years of appearances by the public intellectual who deliv…

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My Response: One thing I most comment on with regards to technology, and lack of reciprocity among humans. My response is long before television, movies, and the internet people read books and went to plays. Those required some technology in order to reach the masses. Books and plays had violent scenes in them that no one could intervene. Yet she didn’t talk about them. Why? Is there a difference between books and plays, and movies and television? 

Furthermore, what about during times of conflict like in Syria, during the French Revolution where crowds came to watch the guillotine executions, and in the world wars. Those events are people face violence blatantly, and without a media to filter it.  And this violence people cannot or will not intervene in. How does that change the reciprocity between people? What is the difference between violence seen on television, and violence seen with one’s two eyes?

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