Mythos of Alternate Reality Part 3

I see many colours: Pink, yellow, orange, green, and blue. Oh wait, I see a hint of red too. Some of it is knitted into balls that the children are playing with, other colours are knitted into a large web. It stretches across the ceiling and dips down to the floor.

I see children playing with it. I see many children, boys and girls, running around and punching the balls back and forth. Some are trying to climb onto the web- Their parents and guaradians do not appreciate that. I wouldn’t appreciate it either if my children were there.

My children… I went from having none to five in less than a few months. Well, six if the one that was lost is ever found. That’s quite the jump for a man.

Not all of the children are participating. Heck, some of the adults do not care for it really. I see some sitting at the sides with heads buried in their datapads and commlinks. I wonder what in the virtual world of the holonet compellls them to read it, instead of going and playing? Not that I should talk- I’m often in front of a datapad or viewscreen most of the day. Well, provided I’m not doing field work.

If my children were among the crowd, I would be watching them. I would smile and embrace them. I would let them drag me into the fun. I would discourage them from standing in the way. Yes, that is what I wuold do if my children were here.

Why am I here anyway? I do not have the twins with me, and my newly discovered children are not here. How did I get here? Why come to a children’s park?

“Which one do you wish for me to keep an eye on, old friend?” Oh yes, the voice reminds me why I am here.

“That one and the boy over there. She should have two more waiting for her wherever she lives.”

“Very well then. It’s good to see you alive.”

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