Canadian military official fears pipeline will lead to “disaster of epic proportions” | National Observer

Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) has serious concerns that a major pipeline project proposed by Calgary-based energy company TransCanada Corp. will lead to a “disaster of epic proportions,” reportedRadio-Canada on Tuesday, based on a series of internal emails.

The Department also doubts whether the company has the capacity to clean up in the event of a disaster, the French-language public broadcaster reported.

The report noted that the pipeline’s proposed route would go near a half dozen Canadian Forces bases as well as cutting right through a base in Petawawa, to the northwest of Ottawa. But the emails, obtained by Radio-Canada through federal access to information legislation, indicated that the DND officials were having trouble getting answers from the company in response to questions

The concerns raised by the military add on to other concerns raised by environmentalists, First Nations leaders and dozens of mayors along the pipeline’s proposed 4,500 kilometre route. If approved, Energy East would have the capacity to ship more than 1.1 million barrels per day of oil from Alberta to New Brunswick.

The internal emails show military officials were warned that in a worse-case scenario, the pipeline could lead to a spill of more than three million litres of oil, causing a “disaster of epic proportions to the environment, the economy and society.”

Canada’s National Energy Board started public hearings this week as part of its review of the massive 38,885-page application for the Energy East project.

My thoughts:
This is an example of why pipelines should be rethought. So many groups raise serious concerns about them, and the only people truly backing then are conservative parties the oil/gas corporations. There has to be a better way and better alternative to oil. There has to be.

This situation is the Liberal Government’s true test: Will they make decisions based on the almighty dollar, or evidence from scientists and other organisations? Hopefully it’s the former,  and Canada begins to break up with this industry. I know it’ll be hard and stressful, but we can live without oil and gas. We cannot live without the environment. 
Source: National Observer Article

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