Venenum Nostrum Part 3: Ambassador


To: Councillor Avarak
From: T9-P05
Subject: Formal Welcome


Greetings, esteemed Councillor.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome your excellency into the Capital of the Republic. My masters, esteemed members of the Senate, wish to grant you a formal invitation to the political proceedings that will be taking place in the next two standard galactic days. There is much to discuss as our factions see themselves in times of turmoil, and can, perhaps, aid each other greatly.

I also regret to inform you that, as your visit was not expected, that you will not be receiving any formal escort into the city, as we cannot spare enough officers to present a decent honor guard, due to the grand opening of the new Orchestra Hall, which will be attended by all Senators and politicians (you are also graciously invited, of course.) I was, however, informed by your servant droid, A6-N05T, that you are already followed by a personal honor guard, and we are sure they will suffice.

Considering we can only pay due attention to you after the two days stated above, you are hereby receiving clearance codes for the entirety of the capital. We hope you enjoy all the great facilities Coruscant has to offer that you find adequate to your refined taste.

Best regards,

T9-P05 – Empire-Republic Diplomatic Liaison #11.387


Crimsèn received this a day or two after the dinner he and Veno shared. He had a new alias: Councilor Avarak. He would wear the name well. But not before placing an order in.

The hunting equipment was an interesting collection- Lord Aatrox’s only know recording is of interrogation, yes? Would these tools be effective for it? Only one way to find out.

Crimsèn takes a shaky breath when he goes to make a call: He did not like torture due to being at its mercy one too many times. Yet, he was tracking down a Lord who contacted Veno about hunting tools, and is only seen in a holorecording for interrogation. Therefore, an experiment was required. A dark experiment. An experiment that was needed on Korriban.

He went to this store on Nal Hutta first, disguised as a Mandalorian. No one noticed when he came in, and he was able to acquire the same amount of equipment and tools that Lord Aatrox did. This time, though, Va’io would be the buyer. Crimsèn heads out of the store after paying for the items to be sent to Korriban courtesy of Darth Caedusios.

They would arrive in three days. Good timing, he decided, since it would give one of Caedusios’ inquisitors time to test them out and give feedback on whether they were effective or not. He sent them a message with these instructions: “Use these on the next one or two prisoners who prove stubborn. Since Darth Caedusios is still quashing up starters on Korriban, you will find use for them.”

Crimsèn then spends the rest of the day preparing for returning to his favourite part of Cipher work: Going behind enemy lines. Enemy lines that probably know his old means and tricks. He would go as Counselor Avarak, and one of his old allies from Imperial Intelligence could be his honour guard- Etek was Darth Caedusios newest intelligence officer.

It would take some time for Etek to prepare, so he goes to Korriban and oversees the use of the equipment. Viper Wire was used in various ways: used in some electronetting, it is mostly banned in Imperial and Republic Space due to the fact that some creatures are actually cut when it is electrified due to how much energy courses through it. The application of Force lightening made for loud screams and quick to talk prisoners.

The hunting blade was known as the Phantom Flayer, an extremely sharp blade that is easily able to cut through the bones of small creatures with relative ease, these blades were also used for skinning tough hides like that of a Rancor. Although most times Mandalorians had these mounted on their wrists with vibro-generators, they could easily purchase them without such parts and attachments. Either way the weapon was highly efficient and could easily gouge through most armors. The other hunting knives were used for gutting various animals, skinning, and cutting through other bits of bone, and removing vital parts of a body. Some of the more ecstatic lords used it to remove pieces one-by-one.

As stated before the sedative was a heavy duty animal tranquilizer, able to put most large creatures to sleep with ease. On humanoid subjects it has a very fast reaction time, most creatures only last a few moments before it renders them unconscious for hours up to a day. It allowed for easy transport of deviant acolytes at least, and made red sith more susceptible to interrogation.

Lord Andrea relates this information to Crimsèn throughout the time between getting his new cover identity, to his preparation to depart for Coruscant. “Everything but the plastic wrap was good for hunting beasts, and sentients. We are already putting in an order for me materials. I’m sure the chefs will appreciate it. You look quite formal, commander. The occasion?”

“Thank you,” Crimsèn answered, “and your findings are quite helpful. Forgive my, my Lord, but if I told you the occasion i would have to kill you.”

Crimsèn cuts the call and descends the ramp. Some of the Republic Guards bow as he defends, “Welcome, Councillor Avarak, you’re speeder awaits.”

“Thank you,” Councillor Avarak said in a lower, another imperial accent. He and his guards who was dressed in long black and blue robes, with their face covered.

Avarak gets into the speeder, with his guards in the driver’s seat. At first they go as if to drive to the senate place, but the guard changes course. Avarak whispers quietly, “We are going here Etek. I need you to stand guitars, I’ll go in there a line.”

“Yes. Cipher. However I must again voice my concerns. We know enough of Lord Aatrox to know he could not take to visitors lightly.”

“I know. That’s why it’s better if I go alone,” Crimsèn answers quietly as the speeder arrives.

He gets out with his rifle and stealth generator, slowly making his way through the building to the address. A we’ve of fingers and the door opens and closes quietly for him. Soon he will get to see what all this hunting equipment, and Veno, were doing in Republic Space.

Crimsèn notices much was out of place, any holo-recording device was destroyed, and the building itself was emptied out. The room in question was up the turbolift. When he got to this floor he sees a mess of body parts! Hundreds of them were strewn about, blood covered massive tarps that covered the hallway, each room covered in tarps as well, though the rooms look odd. None of the rooms look good for sleeping, more of like rooms for drug labs.

It sent shivers down Crimsèn’s spine, especially the areas that look like a space where slaves were used for sex.  Crimsèn whispers to himself as  he moves past a room where weapons were made, and various other things, “I am not back with Tik’shasôt… I am not back with Tik’shasôt…”

Crimsèn got a good look at some of the faces: DNA scans would reveal that most of the body parts belonged to members of the Black Sun. The door to one room was closed, and locked heavily when Crimsèn tried to open it. He backs up when music starts to play on the other side, person screams out without ceasing.

Sex slave rooms, man screaming uncontrollably… It all too eerily reminded him of a day years ago. Seven years ago to be exact. He can feel the memory fragments floating up into his consciousness. With it, he runs back to the entrance.

Crimsèn, a tall and muscular man, spooked out of finishing a mission?! A force user in the area works feel burst of energy- Crimsèn prayed none were in the area. He sinks to his knees and pants a little by the front door.

He didn’t leave, for he had a mission to finish. He just needs to get his bearings. Get his mind’s memory fragments under control, and away from his conscious. Is that why Veno was ‘curious’? He thinks this to himself. ‘He was seeing if… If… I would be fun to ride when I did not give consent?

Crimsèn shivers and shakes at this. How could he not catch that? Is he really so naive? Or perhaps he was hoping new job, and new friends, he could put those days behind? Maybe he still can by not letting them have his mind this time.

Crimsèn finds his resolve by shaking his head: Should’ve tried to ride me forcefully when I still had my keyword, Veno!

He takes his breathes and stealths back to the room where the screams are. He reveals himself and tries to open it. It was very locked. He couldn’t turn back now, even if there was a chance here could be the next victim. He senses the agony… He draws on it, dresses in his anger, and his fear deep within himself.

In that state his skin paddles slightly and his eyes almost glow. It gives him clarity to not use the force to blow up the door. Instead he places a hand to it and feels around for the locks. He finds four. The tendrils contrite to move and he pictures then picking at the lock. It would take a few minutes to unlock them one by one. Patience was key today. Key.

Once the door opened he would hear the person screaming in agony and the sound similar to that of a high powered cable wire crackling. The man on the table was not only wrapped in the Viper Wire, enough so he couldn’t move, but also he was wrapped in plastic and once the door opened the man was frying alive, he screamed writhed and burned alive. Crimsèn is too frozen in time, space, and flashbacks to move to stop it. While his head shouts to run out of the room, his past keeps him still.

After the man is a pile of ashes, a voice would begin to speak from a holo-communicator, and the mask of Lord Aatrox appears, his voice distorted by the mask: “You think of me as some monster. I am, but I am one with purpose! those men, throughout the hall would rape women, and little girls for their enjoyment, put them through the sex trade and then of course sold them. They also have been flooding the streets with spice, death sticks, and various other mind altering drugs. The man on the table, was a Sith. He has been selling them our weaponry, and technology to further help their operations, making it harder to take care of them for the Empire, he is a worm. The moniker Veno Nesstro was not to harm anyone, it was meant for me to dip my toes into the water, to see if you could accept the reality that is. I am a Killer, son, Sith, then a killer. Making those who are vile and wretched pay for their crimes in the most horrid of ways. Jedi….have yet to earn a death as such but there is one who intends to harm some Imperial citizens soon. If you wish to join me, meet me on Alderaan.” the voice would pause for a moment. “I will say that you are a fantastic cook, and a very nice person for being a Sith, most of the Red skinned Sith tried killing me when I was younger, but that is why I have so many names. Hopefully we can talk. And you may want to leave. In about ten minutes this building will be reduced to ash.”

The holo communicator would turn off and there would be no music or anything just silence.

Crimsèn freezes a moment as the voice talks. He then shouts into a commlink: “Etek, start the speeder!”

Crimsen runs out of the building, to his speeder and Etek. “We’re done on Coruscant- Drive!! We need to get to Alderaan!”

Etek bows. “Yes, Commander.”

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