Venenum Nostrum Part 2: Lovely Dinner?

Crimsèn lands outside Veno’s apartment building with his speeder bike, and goes up the turbolift to the apartment. He is carrying a larger, portable cooling device with the ingredients for a delicious dinner, including fresh tukata meat. He whistles as he approaches in one of his sleeveless black muscle shirts, and a gray vest.
When he arrives outside the door, he presses the door chimes. He double checks to make sure he looks presentable. He does this before every meeting, personal or professional, and Veno was no exception. Hopefully he is home, and doesn’t assume Crim is here for any reason than to be friendly.
Veno opens the door,  and  yawns loudly as he runs the back of his head, he then typed in a datapad slowly. “I don’t want any…” He runs his scalp again before rubbing his eyes.
Veno told Crim when they first met that the fumes  the very polluted planet Quesh resulted in him becoming a mute. Therefore, he speaks with a datapad. Given Crim’s investigation, there is a good chance that the muteness is a ruse for something else. However, Crim will not investigate further into it. He needs Veno as a friend, not intelligence profile.
Crimsèn steps back and blushes. “You’re yawning? Oh kriff, did I wake you?! What time is it…”
He checks his chronometer. “It’s almost 18:00. You’re just waking up now? Long night at the office? Well, if you don’t want any supper, I can make you delicious breakfast instead. I can be flexible.”
Veno for a few moments didn’t say anything he then blinked a bit before typing onto his datapad and smiling. “Sorry….just dazed….um…you can.. but I got food here…so..” he shrugged a bit.
“Dazed?” Crimsèn reaches up to feel Veno’s forehead, “You’re not injured are you? We can combine what I brought with what you have, then.”
Crimsèn grins. “Come on, you’re not getting a shitty mac and cheese, but five star from a trained chef. And I brought the best cuts from tukata: flavourful, tender, and juicy. Trust me Veno, you won’t be upset.”

Veno sighed as he nodded his head and moved aside as he typed. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fine.” He smiled as he then moved to the kitchen and pulled out a few fillets of cooked fish. “You do your thing I’ll make a dish from the left over Felucian Ripper.”
“I’ve heard of that fish. Most recently from one of my brolin that work with the undertaking.”
Crimsèn sets down the cooler. “Now I looked up rattataki diets when I could spare the time, and find your stomach can handle Korriban meats. And I should apologise for not really keeping in touch.,” Crimsèn sighs and pins his hair back, “my current situation reminds me why family and work shouldn’t mix.”
“I can handle it but does it mean I like it?” he quipped before then answering his own question, “never had it so we will have to wait and see of course….”
He sets down the datapad and grabbed some plastic gloves from under his counter and began to mush the fish in his hands until it was all nice and broken up he then grabbed a pan and some oil before removing the gloves and typing. “Do you eat rice?” he tilted his head a bit.
“Well, I do appreciate it being given a chance. Though it stands a better chance with an open mind. And yes, I do eat rice. I got used to it during my time in republic space,”
Crimsèn looks over his shoulder to watch and then goes back to his “station”, “I look forward to trying it.”
Veno nodded a bit before he put oil in the pan and let it heat up, he would of put the fish on a plate, and then he would of quickly cleaned the cutting board in order to chop up some onion, which he did extremely fast, followed by cutting up a clove of garlic and putting the veggies in the pan to simmer, he then got a small pot of rice out from the fridge and then set it on the counter got a spoon and began to break up the rice and what not. He actually didn’t have a shirt on, he only had his shorts, and he must of not been wearing boxers, because at times Crimsèn could probably see the outline of his cock.
Crimsèn notices Veno semi nudity in between preparing his signature tukata cordon blue. It makes him raise an eye ridge at it. “Veno, are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yes I am,” he typed rapidly before tilting his head a bit with a smile, “Why?” he said as he began to get some of the rice in the pan and then he would put the fish and begin to quickly mix both together so it would seem now the white rice a bit of a darker tint to it.
Crimsèn chuckles a little. “Well I’m not a prude, but from the way you’re dressed I’m inclined to assume you’re neglecting a lady friend who’s sleeping in your bed. You were allowed to get dressed before you answered the door, you know.”
“I was asleep on the couch and if I had a lady friend you wouldn’t be here if there was another person…” he then tilted his head, “Oh so why did you have to run away the other night?”
Crimsèn does not answer right away. If Veno looked, he would seem far away. Finally Crimsèn buries his head in his hands for moment. “One of my cousins, and whom I’m very close to, had a break down. I had to come back and assess why and if he was fit for treatment or not.”
Veno tilted his head as he gave a frown before walking over and patting him on the shoulder. “I’m sorry….” he gave Crimsèn a hug trying to be comforting. He then typed out, “If you wanna talk about anything we can.”
Crimsèn is silent a moment, and he resumes focusing on the food.. “Tell me about you. What have you been up to these last few weeks? Anything? Anything that doesn’t involve me debating if my cousin should executed or sent for treatment.”
He sighed as he rubbed the back of his head and then typed out, “Just been pretty busy is all.”
Crimsèn looks back to Veno: “Just keep taking, Veno. Please? What kept you busy? Surely there is something in detail you can tell me…”
“I well went to work mostly working on tractors, and droids I met a few nice girls.”
Crimsèn was flipping around the meats, and smiling at the scents coming out as a result. “You did? Well that is good. I’m glad you were able to find work.”
Given his assignment, Crimsèn knows he should doubt what Veno is saying. However, he swats the thoughts away. He’s here to be with a friend, and try to forget things for a few hours. Furthermore, until he has solid evidence…. Well innocent until proven guilty is how Crimsèn prefers to go about things of her can. “Anything else?”
“Yeah,” he typed out before chuckling  as he continues to move the food around a bit,  “You skipped out on the other part of our….night exploring…” He chuckled a bit.
Crimsèn blushes at that, “I did didn’t I? Well perhaps it was for the best. We both got to experiment, and that was all it was.”
Crimsèn covers what he’s cooking and turns around to face Veno. “Though I appreciate the eye candy.”
Veno laughed a bit as he shook his head and then typed in response. “I appreciate the blind compliments, ” he covers the food in the pan and he began to wash his hands.
“Blind compliments? Do straight men just not look in the mirror?” Crimsèn shakes head and looks out a window. “Serves me right coming unannounced.”
Veno shook his head as he typed:  “I see no beauty in my vessel, only in the things I do and create with it.” he then yawned and typed. “I’m going to put on some clothing I have to work in a few hours.”
“Then I’ll enjoy from afar. I’ll be out here…” Crimsèn crosses his arms and waits patiently. He tends to the food, and looks around the kitchen while serves after looking for plates and cutlery. Hmmm. Nothing out the ordinary here, he thinks.
Veno would quickly rush out and grab his boots he would then type, “Bank! I need to run to the bank I’ll return!” he then was gone in a near instant.
Crimsèn widens his eyes. “But… Supper?”
Crimsèn shrugs and sits on couch in the living area, waiting patiently. Should he take advantage of this and poke around the apartment? Not nice a guest thing to do, yet expected when a spy watches a spy. But how close is the bank? Why is he going to a bank- no credit chips? Is Veno only saying the bank so he can return the favor Crim is doing? Not Crim’s choice to spy on friend, and he shouldn’t his off duty time.
Still, Crimsèn lifts a hand to open fridge: Meats from stores. Nothing that could be hunted. Not what one expects after purchasing hunting equipment. He quietly closes it.
So typical, yet out of the ordinary if one knew what to look for. Crimsèn stretches and then sees something out of the corner of his eye: a datapad?! Veno left his datapad? But he spoke with it, didn’t he?
He is onto me, Crimsèn thinks, It would explain no reply, and leaving quickly without his datapad. See if I’ll read it… I could. But that would give too much at since he could watching me. Unless…
Crimsèn leans back against the couch, and closes his eyes. On the outside it looks like he is simply resting, on the inside he stretches with his senses. He can see the datapad in his mind, and he tries imagine himself opening it. Hopefully it does  not have good security, and hopefully Lord Aertex isn’t hiding in the closet.
The datapad opens and allows Crimsèn in, but even if he were to search and search he would find one note:
To whomever is reading this. Let it be known whatever you are searching for is not in my house, or in this datapad. Good luck trying to find what you are looking for. But I will say that if you found this note, you might want to choose your next move carefully.
Crimsèn opens his eyes and remains unmoving. But on the inside, he is grinning.
Fulfill my mission attempt to remain Veno’s friend, if that’s his name, regardless of the mission’s outcome, is what I choose. Crimsèn thinks to himself.
In truth, Crimsèn liked “Veno” more as a friend already.  How many friends would give a challenge only a Cipher would know how to walk?
“Get back soon,” he says out loud, “I’m hungry.”
It would of been about fifteen minutes before he returned, and he did, he was sweating profusely as if he had just sprinted a marathon, panting followed by a soft plop on the couch as he rubbed his face and then stood up got his datapad and typed, “I had to deposit money for a shuttle ride tomorrow otherwise they charge premium prices,” he then went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and guzzled it down.
Crimsèn stand up and looks Veno up down. “Shirtless and no boxers under your pants, then running to the bank and so sweat your skin?  You can cruel, Veno! But for being a good ally, and sport,” Crimsèn hands Veno a plate, “Tukata stuffed with nerf ham and Swiss cheese!”
Veno only raised a brow before taking the food, he sat down at the breakfast bar and blinked a bit as he typed. “You came to my house unannounced. And then you give me hot food without any utensils,” he shrugged with a smirk. “Maybe you are indeed the cruel one.”
Crimsèn sets utensils in front of Veno. “Better, handsome? I don’t expect you to eat off the floor.”
Veno shook his head as he began to cut up the meat in front of him into tiny bite sized pieces before tilting his head and taking a piece and biting into it. Veno over all had a bit more of palette that didn’t usually enjoy cheese but this wasn’t bad. He smiled a bit before nodding as he typed. “Very very good. I give it a B+,” he chuckled as he stood up went over to the still warm pan grabbed a bowl and then began to fill it with the golden brown rice and fish, he then handed Crimsèn both. He then typed, “Careful it is pretty hot.”
Once Crimsen tasted it the fish was a very mild one, and the ingredients in the dish over all gave it a slight salty yet flavorful taste, the fish to rice ratio was perfect, and it was hard to even tell at times which was which. Veno was now going to town on the meal presented to him, it was rather good.
Crimsèn takes one bite on Veno’s dish, and chews it slowly. His eyes are closed. “Mmmm…” He finally says. “Delicious! You are talented, Veno. And B+? I guess that’s a good B+ since you’re eating it fast. Where do you think I could improve? Be honest, I’m used to blunt critiques of my cooking.”
“I don’t like cheese, so unless you can somehow make me like cheese you will forever remain at a B+ my friend,” he grinned as he continued to eat the rest of his food and then smiled once he was done.
“I cannot make you like cheese. HOWEVER, I can modify the dish for next time so it has no cheese.”
When he’s finished, Crimsèn starts to clean up. “Veno,” he starts to say, “I want you to know I appreciate that you let me stay here. Even if it was just for a few moments, and inconvenient. It was… Friendly of you, and I do value you as a friend.”
Veno shrugged lightly before tilting his head. “Inconvenience or not it was nice to have you come.” he typed before he smiled as he ate the last bit. “See I told you we would remain such.”
Crimsèn nods slowly. “I suppose I did not doubt it. Yet I did as life can be so unpredictable in our line of work. Though I suppose you need to head to work? I’ll see myself out, as I have a signature dish to modify!”
Veno gave a slight nod before holding up a finger and then got a small plastic container filling full of his dish and then sealing it with a lid as he smiled and handed it off to Crimsèn. “Here ya go for your travels,” he nodded as he typed.
Crimsèn bows in thanks. “Thank you, and I still cannot believe you are not a professional cook!”
“Nope just a little something I picked up in my travels.”
“I wonder what else you’ve picked up in your travels… Conversation for another time.”
“Indeed. though it might be a while more private contracts and what not.”
“I do not mind- My work is going to keep me MIA for a while as well. I regret it but you know how to reach me. And I trust you understand when I do not wish to be reached. Take care Veno,” Crim says and leaves.
I have a challenge to meet, after all.
To Be continued…

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