Poem- Sea of a Troubled Mind

I hope that one day I can be happy again.
With myself, with my relationships, and get to feel harmonious in my world. I am tired.

My emotions are stormy at best; it cannot be helped. It is of no consequence.

I’m apart from myself.

Adrift on a life raft that is unknown to me;
the ever raging waves of thoughts and feelings crashing over hardly ever subside.

The waves will not allow for sleep to sooth this tired soul. Soaked and chilled to the bone; fingers ache from holding on for so long.

Through the exhaustion;
glimpses of possible refuge can be seen.

I cannot trust them for there are treacherous waters that surround them;

full of jutting, submerged rocks and coral reefs. My meager scrap of air filled material would surely be torn asunder!

How can help be sought out without knowing that death does not await the seeker?

Untrusting of my sight and mind;
my stomach in knots and my heart rising into my throat;

I cling to this raft unknown to me and float on in search of a safe harbor for this tired and worn down soul.

Author: Jenn Osburn

Author’s Note: I got all poetic earlier and felt it would be most appreciated to share my poem I wrote about my experience with BPD. I hope this doesn’t bother anyone.

Thank you, Jenn, for letting me post the poem!

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