Quote: Hope Beyond BPD!

From My BPD Facebook Group:

People absolutely CAN recover from BPD. Over the years, I have accompanied clients to their psych appointments and witnessed them being told that they don’t have that label anymore. They’ve worked on themselves and significantly overcome the symptoms. 
It may be useful to ask ourselves:

  1. Do we want to recover?
  2.  Is there a pay off for us to think we’re not capable of recovering?  
  3. Is an ‘expert’ or family member invested in us not recovering? (Doctors are not God! They get things like diagnosis wrong some of the time) 

The scientific fact is that new pathways absolutely can and do get created in the brain to change our interpretation of our experiences…trauma included. The brain is very plastic and can be remodeled by our thoughts and therapy like CBT, DBT, meditation etc. Borderline Personality Disorder is an inaccurate label and it will eventually be replaced to a more accurate one. ‘Complex Trauma Disorder’

Most of us have a history of behaving in ways that are a completely normal reaction to trauma. (Not always desirable, healthy or helpful reactions, mind you) 

In an attempt to self soothe, regulate and feel less empty we find unhealthy ways of adapting as we try and make sense of the messy story. 

Truth is [people] with this label are passionate, exciting, resourceful, strong, resilient, influential and often high achievers (especially amongst the undiagnosed) .


So many strengths and talents to tap into beautiful people!

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