CBC: Elizabeth May to stay on as Green Party leadeR

“This is a very difficult job. Being the head of an organization is a very tough job … but I’m not attracted to other parties,” May told reporters at a press conference on Parliament Hill Monday. “I don’t know if I can be any more effective on the issues that matter than as leader of the Green Party.”

May said categorically that she had not considered jumping to another federal party despite friction with some Green Party members. “I love my friends in the other parties but I am Green,” she added in French.


Shared via the CBC News Android App

vadess40’s: I’ve liked the Green Party in recent years because they are for protecting the environment, believe in open votes, and Elizabeth May is the most well rounded politician in the House of Commons, next to Justin Trudeau. Furthermore, with May’s leadership they have been able to win a couple of seats. (For those unfamiliar with Canadian politics, to be considered a federal party you need to win 12 seats in an election. Since the Green Party only has two seats right now, they’re considered independents).

If she has chosen to resign from leadership, the Green Party would’ve done the equivalent of tripping before the finish line. A major part of the reason their party and platform have a presence during federal elections is due to Elizabeth May’s leadership. If she had gone, I would have a hard time seeing where the party would end up. 
I’m glad she chose not to resign. Hopefully the party does not make her change her mind in the near future.

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