SWTOR: Nexus Room Cantina

Crimsen enters the cantina, and looks around. This was a popular cantina on Dromund Kaas- The Nexus Room Cantina is where many of the higher ups used to spend time. Then Zakuul came, and it turned into one of the many make-shift hospitals. Now it’s relatively back to being a cantina.
Crim looks around the cantina, and then goes to sit in a corner. His “date” fo rthe night hasn’t arrived. BUt he will. Crim ensures to order a drink immediately- Last thing he needs is for his date to order a beverage that will mask a different substance. No, a simple Corellian Ale that can barely register in his people’s body will suit for this.
15 min and Crim glances up to see a tsis approach him. He was tall, muscular, and had a more buzz cut hair. His face tendrils looked like he had some Massassi lineage, and his walk was confident. He didn’t have a drink and only stopped on the other side of the table.
“Cipher Eight, I presume,” he says in an imperial accent that made Crim wonder if his throat was constricted.
Crim nods slowly. “And you are an agent of the ex-Lord Hevilas?”
He chuckles. “Indeed I am, though I am just here as Ssra tonight. Hmmm… I expected the son of my master to have more tendrils.”
“Why?” Crim looks up with narrowed eyes. “He doesn’t have them.”
“He always prided himself on face tendrils, no matter how small.”
Crim shrugs and sips a drink. “Want anything?”
Ssra raises an eyeridge. “What’s in the drinks?”
“Alcohol,” Crim answers, “And fruit from all over the galaxy.”
“No date rape drugs, or anything like that?”
“No. I am not one of father’s slaves, but his son. I prefer not to use such chemicals. Now, get a drink or don’t, but I understand you have been looking into me and my affairs. What do you want to know?”

Ssra sits down and focuses on Crim. “What do you do for the Empire?”
“I work in convert operations, mostly. You’ve seen my service record, yes?”
Ssra nods. “I prefer to hear it form your own mouth, not a boring datapad. Given you did not say it directly, you’ve learned your lessons well.”
Crim leans back and crosses his arms. “Anything else?”
“Are you homosexual?”
“You say it so bluntly?”
“What were you expecting me to say?”
Ssra strokes the tendril on his right cheek thoughtfully, “Similar to how you answered what you do for the Empire, truthfully.”
“Why? It is not illegal for me to be homosexual. It is illegal for me to talk about my work.”
“We both know the paternal opinions regarding such a lifestyle- Are you not afraid he could use that admission to kill you?”
“No,” Crim answers flatly and sips his drink, “I do not care about the words of some narrow-minded old man. If I did my life would have turned out much different. This better not lead up to a speech about turning away from the ‘gay agenda’.”
Ssra shakes his head. “I have no desire to give you such a speech. After all it would be…”
“Hypocritical and pointless?”
Ssra raises an eye ridge. Crim leans forward and says flatly, “I know what you did with my boyfriend, Ssra. Something that would ensure your immediate execution if father found out.”
“Some boyfriend he turned out to be- As I recall correctly he told me you had your chance, now it was my turn. He was so bold… We did it right in this very spot.”
“And the only reason you’re not dead is because he did it willingly.”
“And yet here you are…”
“Here I am to tell you flatly if you want to ask me questions, come see me yourself. The fact we’re both kitegos is grounds enough for father to want our heads on a platter. Don’t drag *my* lovers into this.”
Ssra bites his lip and then slowly rises. “I understand. I will look for a proper interview later. Just beware, a man needs his passions somehow. If Carlo is willing, I will be too. Perhaps you should be threatening him.”
He then disappears and heads back out into the cantina. Crim sits down and sighs. He then buries his head in his hands, and lets out a shakey sigh. “If only…”

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