Western World is Filled with Pigs…

Convinced: The Western world is filled with greedy pigs. Why? Because only pigs decide to throw out handfuls, handfuls, of perfectly good cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese because THERE WAS TOO MUCH FOOD. Even after I said something to them, they still threw a couple more handfuls out! 
What a wasteful thing to do, and one of the reasons why people are starving on the world: People in the West would rather throw good food out because their is too much of it, then actually make the most of it. As a citizen of the western world, I probably fall under this category too, and I am ashamed of it. What greedy, wasteful pigs, and I’m one of them! 

There’s got to be a way to change things. Perhaps we should start BY NOT THROWING OUT PERFECTLY GOOD FOOD for an asinine reason like there is too much of it. Give it to the foodbank? Store it for another day? Invite people over and share a meal?
But no, we’d rather just be the greedy pigs. And it sickens me.

One thought on “Western World is Filled with Pigs…

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