Conservatives: Hypocritical Much?

Since Canada’s federal Liberal Party earned the majority government in last year’s election, the opposition has been quick to point out when the governing MPs overspend: Money for nannies, cost of photoshoots, travel expenses, and so many other things one could list. To them, specifically the Conservative Party, think the Liberals are just misusing tax payer dollars.

Of course, such begs the ultimate question: How are the Conservatives doing with their spending habits?! Only in the hundreds? Barely making a dent? Coming out of their own pockets? Ha!

They give Trudeau shit for having nannies,yet Rona Ambrose, the Conservative’s interim leader, has a taxpayer funded housekeeper and personal chef for her live in boyfriend
They pounced on Catherine McKenna for the costs of her Paris photo shoots, yet Clement revealed they spent 2-3 million dollars on photo shoots.
They ripped Gerald Butts and Kate Telford for their moving expenses, then this comes to the surface: Rona Ambrose moving and travel expenses totalled just under $320,000. The Liberal MPs she yelled at? ~$30000 were spent, and they were legitimate travel claims.

First, Rona, I am going to need my share of that $320,000 back. Secondly, I think your party represents Canada’s hypocrites, not the socially and politically conservatives. Thirdly, your party is conservative about what? Obviously not saving money.

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