NaNoWriMo 2016: Ravenous Desire

I know this post is a day late, but better late than never!

As an aspiring writer, I love the idea of NaNoWriMo. 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel. It is challenging, and really tests the endurance, but is rewarding at the same time. Last year I wrote the backstory for Crimsèn Hevilas, my main character in Star Wars The Old Republic. This year I am writing a more original work: Ravenous Desire.


Ravenous Desire is the story of a young teenager from Prince Edward Island. It starts in 2016 when she is 17, and follows her journey as she grows into a young woman over the next 20 years. During those years Canada faces a food crisis, and she tries to assist the country to ensure no one goes to bed hungry. Unfortunately, that is a large task for one person to take onto their shoulders- Could it break her?

I will update this blog post with the occasional excerpt, and updating my word count.

Word Count: 25 119 words as of November 15, 2016

(A little behind 😦 but I will keep pressing on)

Examples of Food Waste:



Ottawa is cold.
Three first thing Gyasmin knew when she stepped outside that night was the cold. She could see the sharp blue knifes zip through the air. She could feel them puncture her skin, and steal her warmth. She could watch people run away from them into their warm houses.  Warm houses… Warm houses…
Gyasmin used to have one of those. Yesterday or the day before she could’ve run inside. She could’ve walked into her home, and gotten a warm bath. She could’ve eaten her mother’s baked cookies, or shared a hot chocolate with her father. Gyasmin could have gone to church to pray for winter to warm up. She could have enjoyed school, and laughed with her friends.
She can’t do that now. All of it was taken away from her. Not because she ended up running away. Not because her house burned down. Not because she ended her life. No, it was because Gyasmin wanted more. She wanted her. She wanted to be held by her, and age leaned in to kiss her. Gyasmin remembers those beautiful, pink lips pressing back. She felt herself wanting more. Then she heard the scream.
Her mother found them. She screamed. She told Gyasmin’s father. He screamed louder, and condemned Gyasmin for such a sin. She remembers him calling her dear friend’s parents. No doubt the friend was screamed at too. All the screaming, yelling, condemning, and being tossed out in the snow with a duffle bag; winter coat, boots, gloves; and the $200 in allowance money she saved up diligently.
That was four days ago. Her money is going mostly, and she’s staying in a shelter. This is her 3rd? Maybe get 4th emergency shelter. Gyasmin is reading her Bible on her cot, and glancing around to make sure no one notices her. Her boots were already stolen. She didn’t need anymore to be lost.

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