Quote from a Friend

He says in words better than I could say myself…

To those of you who are telling people that love will solve everything, I need to clarify something. I agree with you, if everyone was civil and respectful to everyone else’s thoughts and opinions, and we could discuss and be willing to change our minds….

Second: Thoughts and opinions are matters such as someone’s taste in music: not whether or not PoC, Muslims, indigenous people, women, disabled or LGBTQ+ people, and so on, deserve to exist and have rights.

If you support somebody, you to a certain degree are like them, like them, or agree with their character and/ or actions.
Telling me that political viewpoints should not force me to block or delete people from my life….. is Not your call to make.

Because sometimes the most loving choice is to cut people out, who threaten my or my loved ones lives, or those of other HUMAN BEINGS.
Sometimes the loving choice is self love. And it means I will not listen to your views because they are painful. And hurt people. And even though I in my empathy can see why you may have acquired such viewpoints, my first job is to care for my people and myself how I can.

And I cannot sit down over tea and explain why the support of a man like Trump makes you an unsafe human to me. Perchance someday.

Just not right now.

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