Generation 7 is Almost Here!

moonboxOnly 9 more hours until it’s time for Pokémon Moonshine!

That’s right, vadess40 preordered Pokémon Moon and vadess40 is super excited. To that end, she’s going to write a little reflection on Pokémon.

20 years ago I was just about to turn 7 years old. Since Pokémon Blue and Red weren’t coming to North America for a while, I joined the Pokémon train a little late. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t being prepared for it. Oh no, Blade ensured I was introduced to the art of gaming through Mario Brothers, Ranma 1/2 for the SNES, and other NES and SNES games.


Two Christmases later I received a Pokémon Yellow and Special Pikachu edition Game Boy Colour as a gift. My sister and I both got the game; it was the first console and video game I ever owned. It’s one thing to play somebody else’s games, but entirely different to come to school and say this is my Pokémon game on my Gameboy Colour. Out of the two of us, I kept playing and slowly but surely evolved into a gamer.



 … And “nothing” happened. >:)


I’ve followed Pokémon ever since. Pokémon has been my go-to game, challenges me to always better myself, and is inspirational. Now, Magikarp/Gyarados are the mascot and logo of Vadess40 Blog AND occupies most of the spaces my 3ds bag. Now with Pokémon Sun and Moon, I hope to both challenge myself against the game and real people!

Will I be the very best like no one ever was? Probably not but I vow in the name of Gyarados (a Pokémon who is going to get a HUGE boost tomorrow) that every challenge along the way, with courage I will face!

Only 5.5 hours… Then I’m going to catch em all!  (Well attempt to… even after 20 years, still haven’t caught em all. Ah well).


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