My Body- The Science Lab!

A few weeks ago, I had a breakfast sandwich, tea, and a hasbrown at Timmy’s with 12-grain bagel as my bread. Then Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich for lunch (no, not defending MY CHOICE to eat restaurant  twice in one day. Comments to the that end will be removed) and my blood sugar three hours later was 5.8. Eat same meal above at Timmy’s today, check blood sugar 4 hours later, and it’s 8.5… Huh.
What’s the difference between a few weeks ago and now? Is it because it was already on the low-high end? (6.7)? Because I had some tropical fruit, crackers, and humus last night? Did Timmy’s add a shot of sugar to my breakfast while I wasn’t looking? Did they put sugar, instead of Splenda, in my tea by accident???
Figuring this new diet out… Feel like my body is a mobile forensics science lab!

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