Initial Thoughts one Pokémon Moon



Meet Tickle, my Rowlet. Go team Rowlet!



  1. I like that Nintendo is finally deviating a little bit from Pokémon’s traditional plotline:
    1. collect 8 badges
    2. beat some evil team along the way
    3. beat the Elite Four
    4. Beat the last Pokémon League Champion
    5. Become Pokémon League Champion
    6. The End
  2. I like how it’s more interactive with the Pokémon. For example, your starter Pokémon has to choose you! Far cry from Pokémon Yellow where Pikachu was dragged kicking and electrocuting out of Oak’s Pokémon Lab
  3. My starter Pokémon is cute!
  4. Dear Professor Assistant: Team Plasma is wondering if you could kindly return their philosophy to them, lest they decide to run and steal all your Pokémon. (Okay, they’ll probably steal them anyway, BUT at least you got an ultimatum first, right?)
  5. So all those “Pokémon MMOs” you may have bumped into on the internet? Yeah those are lies. Pokémon Sun and Moon are the Pokémon MMOs! Such much more group content, and means to connect with people online. It’s kinda  amazing.
  6. The Main Character answers back? I’m not mute 100% of the game?! Betcha I know what Red will think of all this: “…”


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