Through Passion, Victory

ladyvader1“You, my Lady, are best for this task,” Lord Vader tells his lady as they walk down the Corridor of the Devastator, “as you have mastered the ability to hide your appearance in the Force. You will be able to get in and execute the Jedi while my men surround the city and proceed to neutralise her students.”
Lady Pedani Vader follows with her short, black hair hugging a pale face. The dark patches around her red eyes close in as she narrows them. “Are we certain it’s her?”
“Intelligence points to a Force user using similar techniques your old master used during the Clone Wars. It is her or her clone.”
“It is her, and of course she had to start training. I never understand how Jedi can hold onto an order, and teachings, that fails them time and time again. Foolish. Foolish and useless! I look forward to burning her corpse,” Pedani hisses.
“You say that with such disdain, Pedani,” Lord Vader compliments after the door to their meditation pod shut, “and hatred. My rage against them simmers under your might.”
Yes,  their meditation pod. Passion for each other, their combined hatred for their former masters, and anger at the injustices against the Galactic Empire by these upstarts made it foolish for either to meditate on the darkside alone.  Lady Vader crossed her arms, waiting for her husband’s armor to be removed. She looks over his injured, muscular, powerful body and rolls her shoulders. “Only disdain at myself for choosing to follow such archaic ideals for so long!”
Lord Vader takes her hand and they go into a meditative posture. “Careful with such talk, my Lady, or our meditation will have to be interrupted.”
“Making love or making anger, akise,” she addressed him with the Sith langue word for “beloved,” in a softer voice, “Strengthens us. Strengthens our resolve. Ensures we will have victory.”
“Indeed. I understand,” he continued in a very slow whisper now that he was free of his mask, “you had such a victory over a blind one?”
“Yes. Yes I did. It means I’ll be short one for my mission, but it is of no matter. I would rather be short one then deal with fools who presume that a new weapon gives them permission to talk back to me. Speak such blasphemy against the Force.”
She laughs and gives her husband a kiss. “You should’ve seen her limbs smoke, and her body twitch as I made her eat her own words.”
“I sensed enough to know what you did. Though be careful my akise, the Emperor might see you as a threat if your power proves too great. It would be a shame if I had to execute personally.”
Ah yes, she thinks to herself, the veiled threat. The unspoken fear. Fear that further fuels her connection to the darkside. She nods and closes her eyes. Lord Vader mirror her movements. Slowly they breath in and out, focusing on her rage and vengeance from executing one of her form teammates. She combines it with the fear. Soon the darkside surrounds and envelopes her. She embraces it, enjoying the knowledge with each meditation she’s rebelling against her prey. It felt powerful.
She cannot resist a small moan when her energies combine with Lord Vader’s.  She drinks his power, and he drinks hers. Their dark force bond formed of passionate love, and cold but raging hate is strengthened. Lord Vader pulls her against him. “Yes,” he whispers in a dark voice, eyes turning bright orange,  “do not hold back, my lady. Give yourself to the darkside…”
“Remember,” she answers back before pressing her lips to his again, “peace is a lie. Through passion is victory.”
Thirty minutes later their passion is consummated, and the darkside remains flowing through their veins. Those who walk by do so at a distance as they head to their ships. Through passion is her strength; through strength, her power; through power, her victory and freedom by the Force! She revels in it and then pulls it back as her ship leaves the Devastator.
lady_vader_by_tronrobotics-d8fbdtbLady Vader heads down to the planet first. With her Force ability, she masks Lord Vader’s presence in the Force and her physical body from sight. She travels through the small Imperial platform into the city. Her agents were quickly behind, and used their own cloaking technology.
She senses her master’s presence inside one of the buildings. She grounds her teeth, and then whispers into the commlink, “Use your vibroswords. Blaster rifles are worthless in close quarters.”
“Yes my lady,” the man whispered back.
“Yes my lady,” the woman across the road from the two replied.
She closes her eyes and sends a message to Lord Vader. She senses his presence closer. He’s coming. She grins, and resists a shudder when he reminds her of their passions earlier. She enters into the building to hear her master talking. Her master was a aging lady with gray hair, soft and narrow green eyes, and creases along her green skin with Mirlian tatoos. “Yes, my children,” her master said to adult students, “clear your mind and allow the Force in. With it you will be able to see…”
Her master looked up and glanced around. “I see you have returned to me, yet I fear you are lost.”
Lady Vader rolled her eyes. She spoke out loud, but further pulled her presence to herself to hide her exact physical location, “I am not lost- You are lost for endangering these people with promises of an age long gone.”
“Adrianna, what has he done to you? You who are so dark, it is like night descended on us in the middle of the day. What happened to my padawan? What happened to the Jedi I trained?”
“She died with Order 66 because she was weak. I, on the other hand, am not tied down to dead beliefs in a time long gone. The Empire has brought Order. Your Jedi Order tried to assassinate our Emperor just before the Clone Wars ended. What happened to your peace, and calm from chaos?”
Her master slowly rose and looked around the room. “It never left, Adrianna. You did. I pity you.”
Lady Vader tightened her fists and ground her teeth. How dare she mock me, the enraged inquisitor thinks to herself. How. Dare. She!
Not yet, she hears Lord Vader call to her from across the Force, She has not sensed her defeat. Wait until at last she feels the darkside grow stronger with each student , and now a former member of the council, that falls before me.
“Do not pity me,” Lady Vader speaks from the shadows, “Pity your students and a city that dared to think they could hide a *jedi* from the wrath of the Emperor.”
Master Kwikis, or Kwik as she was known to many jedi, widened her eyes. “Yessss…” Lady Vader hissed as the darkside in the city grew, “Do you sense it? The deaths of your apprentices? One by one, master? And,” she shudders and continues in awe of her husband’s blood thirst, “the death of Jedi Council Members? Council members who rebelled against our glorious emperor?!”

((I know, not quite the description I gave for her, but it looks too awesome I had to include! Image references down below.))

Kwikis eyes mist over and she reaches out with the Force, and is able to look directly at her former apprentice. An apprentice who finally removes her Force cloak and steps into the room. “Are those tears? Jedi aren’t supposed to mourn or cry remember? You are told to get over it, never feel. Yet,” Lady Vader says in a soft voice as she lifts a hand and Kwikis’ new students fall to the ground as their lives are drained through their bodies into Lady Vader’s hands, “it leaves you powerless against the darkness. You know you could embrace it, master. Revel in its power…”
Kwikis shakes her head and ignites her bright green lightsaber, the saber of the Jedi sages. “I regret their loss but I will never join the side that killed them!”
“So you avenge their death? That is not the Jedi way.”
“You presume much to speak of the Jedi ways,” Kwikis calmly answers as objects around the room lift and hurl towards Lady Vader, “and should know justice and vengeance are not the same.”
Pedani eyes glow purple and she disappears, only to appear behind her master. Her master whirls and their sabers connect. Pedani’s saberstaff with a black blade that glowed purple in the light shocks Kwikis with Pedani’s force lightening. Kwikis clear mind gives her an edge to ricochet it back to her former apprentice.
It is the only consolation she has. For all the little training Pedani had before Order 66, she was a fast mover. With each deflect and object, Pedani was one step in front or one step behind. Kwikis soon began to realise old age, and perhaps her failure to find her apprentice before the Empire’s inquisitors did, would be the death of her today.
She looks into Adrianna’s eyes and blinks. “Adrianna…”
sith_hot_coloured_by_dashinvaine“PEDANI!” She roared in response as her attack became more aggressive, and the force lightening from her saber leaked and surrounded her old master’s body: “My name is Lady Pedani Vader! Adrianna is dead- I destroyed her!”
Kwikis nods her head in almost acceptance. “Then I die knowing I should have done better… AH!”
She cries when Pedani impales her through the chest, and lightening pours into the hole. “No. You die as a traitor the Empire and a weak Jedi.”
“There is no death,” her master whispers as her life leaves her, “only the Force…”
Lady Vader deactivates her saber and steps out of the building. She is greeted by her husband, and leads a group of men to other houses in the city to drag off Force users: Youngest go to where Inquisitors are made. The older ones go to be their master.
“Through victory,” she whispers as she cuts down a trainee and his wife, and orders their dwelling place burned to the ground, “The Force shall free me.”

Image References, in Order of Appearance:

  1. Madam Noire Blog- Lady Vader
  2. Darth Vader Muscular by fellow blogger Star Wars Anonymous!
  3. Lady Vader by Tronrobotics on DeviantArt
  4. Lady Vader by Bad-Bishop on Deviantart
  5. Sith Hot Coloured by Dashinvaine on Deviantart

Author’s Note:

One sort of common fanfiction topic is “What if Darth Vader had a wife?” Some are good, some are alright, and some just plain annoy me when they write about a wife whose sole purpose seems to be redeem Darth Vader. Reminds me of religious people who endorse missionary dating: Be with the one you love SOLELY to convert them to your religion. Pffft… Doesn’t make sense in Star Wars, and doesn’t make sense here. My brief story is one where Lady Vader knew who was marrying, and embraced him as-is completely.


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