“Christian” Conferences = Homophobia 101 Lessons

​I am ashamed at myself because there was a time when I would’ve endorsed what the theology faculty at Acadia University allowed to happen. 

 When I first went there, I would’ve clapped at the fact the school I got my master’s at sends students to conferences where the speakers not only openly endorsed homophobia, but taught the attendees how to do it and “get away” with it. I would’ve been glad and followed those lessons to the letter.

Now I’m disgusted. Completely and utterly disgusted that the school allowed it to happen. And this time, I’m calling them out on it and refusing to hide my disgust at such an injustice. A part of me wants to light my master’s degree on fire in front of a webcam turned on in protest. But I won’t because that would be $1000s and 4 years of my life gone. 

What I will do though is use the gift of writing God gave me and ask pointed questions on a public forum for all to read: Is it really a shock LGBT students taking courses through YOUR school keep quiet? Is out any wonder they’re ostracized when they come out unless they agree to be celibate because celibate gays and lesbians are more comfortable for you? What do you tell transgender students? Do you tell them it’s okay to police genitalia, instead of learn about gender studies, which is only a Google search away?

 What  is wrong with some of the instructors there, that they think going to a homophobia 101 conference is a great teaching opportunity for your students? Where were the higher ups when the decision was made in September? What do you think that says to the LGBTQ students that go to Acadia University?

 I guess it’d says persecuting Baptists are bad, but persecuting LGBT people so long as God is tact on it somewhere is just fine, right? And it says your LGBT students can be harassed into celibacy by their peers, right? Don’t challenge their prejudices, or teach them to value diversity! Don’t tell them that LGBT people are made in God’s image and should be respected. Just assume God is happy and patting you in the back for homophobia 101 conferences, and harassment in His name!

(Just don’t remind God that Jesus had lots to say about treating the marginalized, and demeaning fellow humans, while said boring about LGBT people. Then His pat on the back might be revoked.).

If the school overall knew this, would that be your answer? Would you be able to look Acadia Pride in the face of they knew that’s one of the requirements in a course is go to a “Homophobia 101 Conference”?  You should be ashamed of yourselves and resigning. 

But they won’t because they  bought the line that it is godly to endorse injustice: sexism, racism, and homophobia from the Baptist denomination whose early history included persecution.   Well I’m done watching on the sidelines. I’ll find Acadia Pride’s email, and let them know what goes on up the hill with Jesus tact on top for good measure.

Maybe they’ll be Jesus to Acadia Divinity College’s and Acadia University’s LGBT students?

Dumb Question: How do you know You’re Ace?

Questions: How did you know you were asexual? How do you know you’re asexual, when you haven’t been with anyone yet?

My answer: Well… You’re right. I haven’t been with anyone. And I guess men, women, and non-binary people are great, but have you ever been single and enjoying a delicious spaghetti squash meal? What about garlic cheese bread, or a good pizza made with the right dough and toppings? What about a Coke 0?

Have you ever enjoyed planning your own day? Enjoying your own free time? Not have to worry about “performing” for another person, nor asking some guy or some gal or some non-binary person permission to hang out with friends? Have you ever enjoyed your own TV shows without a dude?

How do you know your straight if you haven’t done any of that?! How do you know your straight if you haven’t really been single?! Go try being single, it’s awesome. You’ll never go back to being straight again!

Yes, my answer was sarcasm, in case anyone was wondering.