24/7 Activism…

Gets exhausting. I have many reasons to be an activist all the time: I have a mental illness, I’m not white, I’m not heterosexual, and I don’t consider myself cisgender. I should be waking to a new blog post about my causes, and going to bed late at night after writing stinging replies to haters on the internet. I should always be armed, always be prepared, and always ready to jump at the first sign of hate!

Yet I’m not. Activism shouldn’t have to be a way of life. It gets tiring to read and re read the same opinion pieces about equality and inclusion. Learning about hypocrisy within a minority can drain energy faster than two hours of exercise. Demands about rewriting decades of vocabulary from a radio interview makes me want to scream.

It is so tiring, and eventually one just has to decide to not follow every last pro-LGBTQ blog. It’s time to not learn about how depression pulled another person down. It’s time to choose the news, turn off social media, and just breathe for 5 minutes.

There is a time for activism. There is a time to defend others. Most important of all: There must be time to look after oneself, and breathe!

Did you take time to breathe and just be, today?