Happy “Buy The Chocolates Tomorrow” Day!

It’s that time of year again: The time where importance, awesomeness, and completeness of romantic/sexual relationships are pushed to the forefront of human existence in Western Countries. We see it in the stores, advertised at the Cinemas, and read it about it throughout our social media feeds.  It is proof nothing is above being turned into a money grabber, including the wonderful world of love. Because why bother loving love for love’s sake, when one can love all the love of money and making money the stores get by setting aside one day a year to commercialize love?!

Pfft. I’d rather count down the minutes until the expensive chocolates become dirt cheap on the 15th, while enjoying watched Chopped Canada and eat delicious all-veggie, low carb stir fry. It’s cheaper on my bank account, sticks it to the commercializers, and holds up the invisible Singlehood is AWESOME and Aromantic Asexuals Unite sign for all to see.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good love story. I love in a familial/friendship way. But days where it’s paraded like I’m missing out on winning the lottery because I’m single gets repetitive, boring, and tedious after a while.  If push comes to shove, it makes me anxious and down right pissed off! It’s no ones concern, nor business, that I have 0 interest in finding a partner, never mind donate DNA to the human population! The joys of being in between indifference and repulsion when it comes to all things romantic and sexual.

Aromantic Asexual: Someone who experiences little to no romantic/sexual attraction.

Sex/Romance-indifference: indifferent to sex/romance; a lot of asexuals fall under this

Sex/Romance repulsed: they are against sex, and finding it disgusting; some asexuals fall under this. joys of being a minority within a minority


So what happens to me on a day like Valentine’s Day? Well, I get up in the morning and go about my routine while counting down the minutes until the chocolates go on sale!Or I get up and do research about the Christian Saint this day was named after. I’ll give you a hint regarding his biography: It ain’t about some dude who bought some gal flowers, chocolates, and wrote poetry that lead to them gettin hitched. Oh and St. Valentine’s biography is neither about some dude buying another dude those things either, some gal for some gal, nor a non-binary person with another non-binary person.


Pssst: Asexuals, read his biography! It’s how we can celebrate this day… 

Valentine’s Day for me is just another day on the calendar between myself and dirt cheap chocolate (if you like chocolate), and a giant reminder of why I shake my head at society’s POINTLESS obsession with partnering people off. To commemorate this occasion, I’m going to list my other eye rolls down below:

  1. I raise my eyes to the hills, and see yet another healthy sexuality workshop appearing out of the wood-works. How many of these stupid things do I have to go to in my lifetime, before people accept that the only healthy sexuality is this: Between piles of polygons, or not interested.
  2. I’m confused as to why two novel series (aka Twilight and 50 Shades) weren’t incinerated across the globe in a massive bonfire… Never mind why novels where the male is once again rescuing the female, or clearly is the abuser is dubbed as “good books” every female to read. How about I read how to annihilate them from existence?
  3. Hearing instructions about safe lesbian sex in a common area… and only thing I remember about it was it was about lesbian sex… and even what kind of sex is fuzzy in my mind.
  4. Young women surrounding me at Bible College during an all resident meeting where I asked the dudes a blatant question: “Why in the fucking hell would I EVER want to marry one of you? And please don’t say it’s cause we need to reproduce in a world with a human population of 7 billion people.” Well, okay, I didn’t ask it with all the cussing… That would’ve made all in the room die from a heart attack I think. Bad enough I was challenging the “sanctity” and “awesomeness” of heterosexual marriage. Guess what??? I’m challenging it again with this picture:

    swtor 2016-12-01 00-32-43-07.png

    These two men just got married, and it was awesome!

  5. I stare into the stars and ask my Father in Heaven this question: “You know… with the divorce rate, it’s amazing people don’t try to keep weddings as dirt cheap as possible!”
  6. What does sex have to do with ____? <— me after watching so many useless and pointless commercials!
  7. Did Hiccup really need a love interest for How to Train Your Dragon to be complete? So irrelevant to the story… What kind of message is Beauty and the Beast sending?! Staying with the abuser won’t love them into changing! Why must romances always be guy-gal? Why can’t it be 2 guys or 2 gals? Or 2 agender people (aka, someone who doesn’t have a gender)? I thought Hollywood was accepting…
  8. Only 20 more hours until the cheap chocolates are mine!
  9. Gimme, gimme, gimme… GARLIC FINGERS AND DONAIR SAUCE after midnight =D
  10. Yesterday I learned in a hygiene workshop that there are people who don’t wipe their ass after using the washroom, among other gross things people do… And people still are willing to have sex with each other??!!! EW!!!
  11. So many things people do, say, and experience about sex ranging from pleasure to kids to financial problems to diseases… And it all convinces me that being a non-sex positive, sex indifferent/repulsed aromantic asexual is awesome.

Symbol of the Aromantic Asexuals: Ace of Spades, baby! Icing on the cake? Its a gothic symbol too :D.

Featured Image by The Yuri Canon for her Yuri Manga “Inside Out”. She included two asexuals in her work, and one of them is AROMANTIC too! A rare jewel among some nice jewels, and many stones.

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