Preference ≠ Prejudice?


Found this article, When does preference become prejudice?, on my Twitter feed. Curious what the person had to say, so I read it. And I walked away quite pissed off.

Quote from Article: “I think it’s immature and even ignorant to say that you’d “never” do this or that because who knows? And when applied to race, dating and sex, what I think it really means is that someone is saying that they find a whole race of people so unattractive that there isn’t even the slightest possibility, not even in the future, that you’d find anything sexual about any of them based on their looks alone, regardless of who they are as a person. Not only is that highly insulting but it is a prejudice. It’s not a preference, no matter how you slice it.”

I sort of got what he’s saying, but at the same time… He did an excellent job writing off asexual people, sex repulsed people, sex averse people, and aromantic people (I know sex repulsed/averse usually is specific towards asexual people, but I don’t doubt there are allosexual people are repulsed by sex. Don’t believe me, talk to ultra conservative people sometime).

But I won’t write them off because A) I’m one of them and B) This whole preference = prejudice debate is REALLY starting to piss me off, and C) They shouldn’t be excluded.

I’m aromantic, asexual, romantic/sex repulsed, and romantic/sex averse. Am I immature because I am 100% positive I will never try to be otherwise again, and refuses to date people, and have sex, anyway? Am I prejudice because my orientation rules every single people group within the human race? No Caucasians, blacks, whites, Asians, middle eastern, blues, purples, pokadots, no one? Continue reading

Trans Visibility Day…

This day of Trans Visibility, I want to point my…

Nah! Not calling you that. I refuse to be considered a “spiritual” “in Christ” sibling to you these kinds of idiots. Especially after you think it’s okay to gang up on a fellow classmate because you can’t handle an ally standing up to your bigotry!

I want to point the transphobic people disguised as Christians to a wonderful invention that you could use to learn more about transgender people, and what it means to be transgender, instead of wasting time and ganging up on people with your ignorance.

It’s called Google! Type into the search box “What is a transgender person?” Or “What is gender?” or “Variances within biology?” Even better, “When do signs of gender dysphoria start?!” Because I’m nice, I decided to search it myself because I know I have some readers who actually do want to learn: Gender Dysphoria, Psychology Today.  And if that’s not good enough, go to your library and read the DSM V.

I’d give you the answers here, but I’m not wasting my time educating lazy people. Yes, I’m calling you lazy too because you’d rather lazily stay in your ignorance than join us in the 21st century and actually learn what transgender people are. Who knows, might even learn about gender dysphoria and how it starts practically from birth, not something mommy and daddy encouraged early on.

I know, shocking concept. Know what’s more shocking?! People that choose to stay in their ignorance and be fools, instead of take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that is the 21st century, and humiliating a fellow classmate because they refused to let you keep transgender people invisible.

Other Links:

Another Invisble part about being Transgender that must be made visible: Finding Housing

And How Bathroom Policing is a joke covering up the real issue- Why Keeping Bad Guys Out of Girl’s Bathroom Isn’t the Issue by John Pavolovitz (if only he and the church he goes to were in Canada…)

Christians Missions ≠ Westernization

I this article on one of my friend’s Facebook pages and I’m sharing with my readers here, and adding my own comments. It’s Stuffing Shoe Boxes for the World’s Poor? Maybe You should Reconsider by Blake Tommey. In a nutshell it is about the problems with giving to organizations like Operation Christmas Child (OCC). Operation Christmas Child is VERY big in North America, and tries to give to children in developing countries by sending them shoe boxes filled with toys and gifts purchased by people in Western Cultures.
While giving to charities like OCC feels good, and is done with good intentions, it really isn’t addressing the economic challenges in the places the shoe boxes go. If anything, it breathes in more problems because instead of building up a developing country so that its culture is preserved with a sustainable economy to keep it going, OCC’s shoe boxes push for westernizing the children, and eventually the broader culture.

Sorry to all the people I know who give to OCC with the best of intentions, but it really isn’t helping like you want it to. Westernization isn’t the same as spreading God’s Kingdom. It simply isn’t. God’s Kingdom transcends human culture, while at the same time encompasses a diverse range of people.  I’ll say it again: Westernization isn’t the same as Christian missions. If anything, marrying Christianity to Western culture in the form of Christendom/Roman Catholicism  and Protestant Missions during European colonization back fired in many ways: Residential schools in Canada and the USA, Apartheid in South Africa, genocides in Rwanda, way the Hindu people were treated in India, and etcetera. All examples of Westernizing non-European cultures that lead to the Christian efforts nearly destroying the people they wanted to help.

Cultures have good and bad aspects to them, and none are above any of the others. They’re just different. The challenge with  helping the poor isn’t assimilating everybody into one culture, but building the people group in the country up so they’re in economically stable conditions. In this way, they have the dignity to provide for themselves and not depend on others, specifically Western others.

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