Trans Visibility Day…

This day of Trans Visibility, I want to point my…

Nah! Not calling you that. I refuse to be considered a “spiritual” “in Christ” sibling to you these kinds of idiots. Especially after you think it’s okay to gang up on a fellow classmate because you can’t handle an ally standing up to your bigotry!

I want to point the transphobic people disguised as Christians to a wonderful invention that you could use to learn more about transgender people, and what it means to be transgender, instead of wasting time and ganging up on people with your ignorance.

It’s called Google! Type into the search box “What is a transgender person?” Or “What is gender?” or “Variances within biology?” Even better, “When do signs of gender dysphoria start?!” Because I’m nice, I decided to search it myself because I know I have some readers who actually do want to learn: Gender Dysphoria, Psychology Today.  And if that’s not good enough, go to your library and read the DSM V.

I’d give you the answers here, but I’m not wasting my time educating lazy people. Yes, I’m calling you lazy too because you’d rather lazily stay in your ignorance than join us in the 21st century and actually learn what transgender people are. Who knows, might even learn about gender dysphoria and how it starts practically from birth, not something mommy and daddy encouraged early on.

I know, shocking concept. Know what’s more shocking?! People that choose to stay in their ignorance and be fools, instead of take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that is the 21st century, and humiliating a fellow classmate because they refused to let you keep transgender people invisible.

Other Links:

Another Invisble part about being Transgender that must be made visible: Finding Housing

And How Bathroom Policing is a joke covering up the real issue- Why Keeping Bad Guys Out of Girl’s Bathroom Isn’t the Issue by John Pavolovitz (if only he and the church he goes to were in Canada…)

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